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10 Ideas to How to Evaluate Guest Houses

October 21, 2012 |


Ideal accommodation is the secret behind a successful trip, this is because you will be spending most of your precious time in the room especially in days that you are not travelling. This thus creates the need of searching for a good place that’s secure, quite affordable and offers you the best proximity to roads or nearby towns. Guests house are the right answer that perfectly meet your needs. Though smaller, they are more intimate compared to regular hotel suite best irrespective of your travel duration, be it some few weeks or months. People how ever find it a hard task to find an ideal guest house that best suits your needs. Here are some ideas that you can employ to help you evaluate guest houses.


An ideal guest house should be located in a secure area that’s quite accessible both day and night. It’s recommended you live in a guest house that’s near towns.

Medical Facility

A good guest house should have a doctor on call program that can come in handy in needy situation. One can get sick or develop complications that urgently need doctors services, the doctor on call facility will cater for such needs(Image by Agencia ID).


Number of Rooms

It’s important to always get clarification on this matter, always note the number of available rooms and the type of occupancy, whether single, group or double occupancy. Group occupancies are best when you are in an offsite tour as a large group.


A good guest house should be able to handle emergencies as need arises. They should have a good number of emergency fire extinguishers as well as exit routes that you can use to quickly evacuate the building.

Room Amenities

Depending on the price of the guest house, room amenities should be provided, however some are basic for example sufficient lighting, heating facilities, shelves, wardrobes, curtains, screening on all glass windows and at least a air conditioner.


Some guests houses offer to serve breakfast, you can always check with the receptionists if they serve breakfast, use this as a basis of evaluation.


Clean water, proper drainage and sanitation are not exception. Evaluate the guest’s house hygiene, cleanliness and water quality. Most guests’ house either provides bottled water, UV treated water or RO treated water, use this as another basis of evaluation.

Internet connection

In the modern world, internet has become primary or basic thing that you ought to be provided just like a towel is. Check on the reliability of the internet connection and if you have access to other communication facilities like a telephone (image by Vanguard Visions).



A good guest house should have ample parking space that’s well manned, this will ensure that guests are not inconvenienced


As you book your rooms have a look at the walls to see if the guest house adheres to the local authorities. At least you should see that it’s registered with at least two of the following, police, State tourism department, fire, water and electricity. If you doubt don’t hesitate to clarify with the authorities before you make your reservation.

Remember to keep updating your guest house on information about either your departure or arrival so that they can make the necessary arrangements. Whichever way guest houses give you an option that suits your needs. The next time you consider travelling, remember these tips that will help you evaluate the best guest house


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