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Winter Travel Tips: A Mont Tremblant Packing List

January 19, 2015 |

Mont TremblantOne of the prime attractions of Mont Tremblant, it should go without saying, is the generous snowfall–some 150 inches annually on average. That world-class white stuff of the Laurentians makes the range one of North America’s great ski zones. And it’s not just the skiing that draws the wintertime crowds: There’s also snowshoeing, snow tubing, dogsledding, sleigh rides, ice-fishing–the list just goes on and on.

Now that you’re determined to visit this winter wonderland (and stay at one of the postcard-perfect Mont Tremblant chalet rentals), what should you be packing along to deal with the weather? What follows is a brief overview of some of the basics to keep you safe, warm, and comfortable–stuff you should bring from home or purchase at Mont Tremblant.

Winter Wear

Don’t sabotage your winter visit to Mont Tremblant by under-dressing. It can get seriously cold up in the Laurentians, and you don’t want to miss out on all of the out-and-about pleasures on account of a sorry paper-thin jacket or sodden boots.

The trick with winter wear for outdoor recreation is layering. First, arm yourself with a wool or synthetic base layer for wicking away moisture from your skin–important for countering the chilling effects of perspiration. The middle layer is for insulation: Use a fleece or wool vest, pullover, or sweater. The outer layer, or shell, needs to take the brunt of the snow and wind, so it should be waterproof or at least water-resistant. You also want a shell with breathable fabric so that moisture can escape. Thus armed, you can easily regulate your temperature throughout the day: stripping down or swaddling up as necessary.

Good gloves and a hat are also essential, as you can lose a lot of heat through your hands and head. Make sure your feet are protected, too, with a liner layer and thick socks (of synthetic material or wool). Gaiters can keep your toes that much toastier on cross-country ski or snowshoe outings by keeping snow from spilling down into your boots. And don’t forget a snug scarf, ideal for burrowing your face into on that jangling horse-drawn sleigh ride through the woods.

Other Items for the Elements

Be sure you bring or buy adequate sun protection: sunglasses and high-grade sunscreen (of SPF 50 or higher). Saline nasal gel and lip balm ward against the drying effects of winter air. Hand and foot warmers are other options for long hours playing in the snow.

The Winterized Vehicle

You also need to make sure your car’s up for the challenge of winter conditions. Aside from conducting a thorough inspection before embarking for Mont Tremblant (checking fluid levels, connections, tire pressure, etc.), you need the equipment on hand to deal with snowbound roads and breakdowns.

You should have tire chains of the proper dimensions (and the know-how to affix them) as well as a shovel, a bag of kitty litter or sand, an ice scraper, a mat or blanket (for kneeling on when installing or removing chains), and jumper cables. You’ll also want an emergency blanket, flashlight (with backup batteries), extra warm clothes, and a supply of water and energy-rich snacks. Be sure to have a first-aid kit stored in the glove compartment or somewhere else secure.

Enjoy the Mont Tremblant Snow!

With the proper supplies, your Mont Tremblant winter getaway will be an absolute blast–you won’t want to leave! And remember, you can always stock up on things you forgot in the Mont Tremblant village.

Michael May loves to travel all year long. An avid writer, he enjoys sharing his experiences with others by posting online. You can read his interesting articles on a number of today’s top websites and blogs.

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