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Wild Accommodation To Stay At in The UK

March 8, 2014 |

www.thedaleguild.com The Dale Guild Travel Blog – World Family Travel Tourism Holiday Vacation - Wild Accommodation To Stay At in The UK

Wild places offer wild accommodation, and with wild accommodation, comes wild experience. Other than privacy, an accommodation hidden somewhere deep in the forest allows use to appreciate the nature and wildlife more. It also helps us to reconnect with ourselves and those around use. If you are looking for a secluded hideaway or a place where your children would love to run wild, we bet you would like to read our list of wild accommodation to stay at in the UK. Check out a few places for you to consider for your next vacation :

Sally Port Cottage – This luxurious accommodation in St. Mawes, Cornwall requires the guests to actually walk down about 300m path to this cottage at a former lighthouse. It is located at the furthest end of the Roseland peninsula and there is no vehicular access to this residence. The cottage is completely secluded and it gives the visitors the kind of privacy they are looking for. The observation room allows anyone to witness a fantastic and spectacular views out to the sea. Other than resting at the cottage, visitors can enjoy bird-watching and some delightful walks.

Moons House – Moons House lies comfortably about half a mile from the beach at Welcombe Mouth in North Devon. It is surrounded by 3-acres of gardens and a home to many species of bird and butterfly, as well as deers and badgers. You can also enjoy surfing at the beach whenever you want. Moons House is furnished elegantly with bunk beds for with kids, as well as a fully-fitted kitchen. Maximum of seven people to stay at is allowed. (Image by adventureholidays.asia)

www.thedaleguild.com The Dale Guild Travel Blog – World Family Travel Tourism Holiday Vacation - Wild Accommodation To Stay At in The UK

Meanach Bothy – Are you looking for a basic accommodation? Then, perhaps Meanach Bothy is your perfect choice. Why do we say so? This is because it is a stone-walled hut and it sits alone quietly beside a small river in a flat meadow. This dramatic view is the reason why visitors love hanging out and sleeping in the hut. Basically, it is one of the hundred of mountain bothies. Bothies are small huts available for anyone who go hiking and they can stay in the huts whenever they want to. From the point of where the road ends in Glen Nevis, you will need to walk around seven miles east to get to the location of this hut. And, remember to bring your own firewood and sleeping bags because there is nothing there for you. If you need water, draw water from the little stream and do not leave your rubbish behind once you’re leaving.

The Temple – Hidden away perfectly in the heart of the 18th-century Shropshire countryside, this amazing gem was built with an elegant sitting area on the ground floor and a colonnaded balcony. You can recreated the memory of having tea parties in the sitting room if you wish to though. Basic facilities include modern bathroom in a cozy double-bedroom and fully-fitted kitchen. Did we mentioned that it is available only for two? Yes, a perfect romantic isolation! (Image by Ipoh kia)

www.thedaleguild.com The Dale Guild Travel Blog – World Family Travel Tourism Holiday Vacation - Wild Accommodation To Stay At in The UK

If you are looking for tranquility, staying in an accommodation at a wild place is your answer. This is because once you’re out there in the wood, your mind will be focused in appreciating the nature instead of being busy thinking about other things. The next time you’re traveling to the UK, consider all of the places we’ve mentioned above and if you manage to find other accommodation that you think is way much better than our list, we’d love to hear from you!


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