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Where Should You Holiday Next? Try a Few Paradises Like These

August 20, 2014 |

There’s little better in life than choices, especially if you’re searching for the trip of a lifetime. And that’s exactly what Gatwick Airport is trying to offer, with an increased range of flight paths rolling out across the year.

Indeed, it’s almost getting to the point where the flight hub can fly you anywhere you throw a dartinto a map.

So that’s exactly what we’ve done. To get into the spirit of exploring, we’ve taken a few flights at random and given you our verdict of some dazzling locations. So get your butt to Gatwick, park your car with the Gatwick meet and greet, and try some top-class flight routes.

Los Angeles

“Los Angeles, we love you!” shouts Morrissey at the beginning of The First of the Gang to Die, and he’s right – there’s a lot to love in the most populous city of California.

The home of classic writers Charles Bukowski, Raymond Chandler and Bret Easton Ellis; the dream factory where million-dollar movies are created; where extreme celebrity is coupled with peerless glamour; nowhere is quite like the woozy, almost unreal sheen of LA.

Just head up the Hollywood Walk of Fame or to Universal Studios theme park, or countless other attractions to see why LA is so admired. Down every street is the glimmer of dreams and hope that epitomises the US. It’s truly a must-visit.



The second largest city in France, Marseille is redolent of the end of an old crime movie – when the cool, crafty cat burglar gets away with the diamonds, he’d probably lounge on his solid gold yacht in a paradise very similar to this. ( Image by Panticore )

The city is an attraction on its own, combining modern and Neo-Byzantine architecture with the excitable pulse of a city bathing in sunlight and affluence.

Visit the Old Port of Marseille and watch the yachts and schooners float on the breeze for a miraculous picture of the city. As the sun sets on the Blue Coast and the ships sail to and fro, you’ll be settled with an unmistakable calm – you can see why this destination is so popular.

Playa del Inglés

Gran Canaria

A Spanish archipelago famous for its tourism and lush beaches, Gran Canaria is ideal for sunbathing, swimming and hiking through lush forestation. ( Image by Carmen Ana Pérez )

The best beach on the island is the Playa del Inglés, a resort renowned for wild parties and chilled sunlight. But for the more active amongst you, head along to Palmitos Park, a 20-hectare botanical garden that will leave even the most jaded botanist in a state of awe.

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