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What is The Difference Between Great Britain, United Kingdom, and England? All the Same?

December 21, 2012 |


The Great Britain, United Kingdom and England are all famous travel destinations in the world but a time comes when we wants to distinguish them or compare them in terms of travel destinations. Here is a detailed overview that will guide you in answering this question.

Interlocking relationship

London happens to be the capital city of England, so England is a country. The Great Britain, on the other hand, is the name given to an Island that comprises of three countries namely, Wales, Scotland and England. This brings us to the next part, the United Kingdom; UK is a vast country that is a union of other countries that are on the island of the Great Britain. In it is the country of the Northern Island which shares Ireland Island with the republic of Ireland. It’s important to note however that the republic of Ireland is a separate and independent country and it’s not part of the United Kingdom. It’s also important to note that London is also UK capital city.

Having understood the facts we can conclude that these destinations are unique but at some point they share the same resources.  Let’s now look at the best travel destinations in the three places


Stonehenge is one of the top destinations in England and has remained to be a top prehistoric site in the entire world. Most of Stonehenge cultures and history are subject to debate as there are no evidential written records that anyone can base their foundations on. Its also a rich education ground as you can come up with your theories and prove them to earn a degree or post graduate degree in respective fields. Evidences however indicate that most of the large stones were erected in 2500 BC. Up to today, it’s still not yet known what the purpose of the great Stonehenge was but most people argue it was purely for religious purposes or functioned as a religious center (Image by James Ciclitira).


United Kingdom a Constituent of the Great Britain

Windsor castle, found in London city the castle dominates the town and is easily accessible via train. The castle stands on thirteen acres of land and has functioned as the world largest inhabited castle. The castle acted as a fortress and a royal residence for over 950 years. The queen still loves the place and is a frequent visitor during weekends as to her it’s just home away from home. While in the great castle, expect to see the state apartments and very grand ceremonial rooms.

Because of its royal state and many ceremonial events, the castle opening schedule and ticket pricing is quite complex. You can keep checking Windsor’s website for more information but even its normal price of fourteen dollars is still a great deal. Once registered as a member you enjoy unlimited benefits one of them being at free will of visiting the castle at any time you want in the year.

Visit these great places and enjoy being among the very few people in the world that have the chance to set foot in the same compound with the queen. You will also be knowing the current country or city you are and whether you are in England or in the Great Britain.


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