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What Can We Do In Medellin?

September 19, 2014 |

Medellin is turning into one of the “it” urban cities in the world, with huge amounts of travelers going by and outsiders retiring and settling here. Medellin is one of the few urban cities I’ve become hopelessly enamored with at the first sight. Amazing mountains, warm climate, amicable locals, and an energetic culture are simply a couple of the reasons I’ve used more than two years living in Medellin. Also I’m here to show everybody that there are lot things to do that anyone could need to keep any guest occupied.

Explore The Parks

The magnificence nature and one of a kind atmosphere of Medellin is something to observe. Set 4,905ft (1,495m) above ocean level in a valley encompassed by tall green mountains, its nearby vicinity to the Equator guarantees consistent spring-like temperatures year round. The average climate gives itself well to appreciating the many parks and courts to be found in and around the city. Each one of spaces offer its own particular novel outline and identity, with every one of them being superb spots to sit down and watch the locals go about their day by day lives. Best places incorporate El Castillo Museo y Jardines, c, Parque Explora, Jardin Botanico, Parque Berrio and Plaza Botero. (image by :  Guía de Viajes Oficial de Medellín )

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Do Amazing Activities

Medellín offers guests various approaches to get their adrenaline going, a number of which offer stupendous sceneries of the encompassing mountains. Why don’t have a go at paragliding, a standout amongst the most prominent vacationer activities, particularly amongst bakpackers? Actually, thanks to its amazingly low costs. Given the rough geology, it ought to shock no one that there’s plentiful chance to do mountain biking and ATSs in and around the city. You ought to additionally go to soccer matches. South America has a notoriety for raucous fans, making soccer matches between Medellin’s two nearby groups, Independiente Medellin and Atletico Nacional a true exhibition.

Attempt The Colombian Coffee

Colombia is one of the world’s top producers of coffee. Consequently it is each guest’s obligation to take a seat and delight in a cup of it. Strangely, for a nation so exceptionally regarded for its coffee, Colombians don’t appear to have a colossal coffee society. To guarantee yourself of a quality mug, there are a couple of spots you can go. The first one is the Juan Valdez Cafes, which is the Colombia’s variant of Starbucks. They offer tasty espresso, baked goods, and free Wi-Fi. In the event that you favor non-mainstream coffee shop, head to Pergamino Cafe in Parque Lleras. (image by: Claire)

The Dale Guild Travel Blog www.thedaleguild.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Attempt The Colombian Coffee What Can We Do In Medellin

Visit The Pueblos

No trip there is considered finished without a visit to a few pueblos. These residential communities offer the center to upper salary Colombians the opportunity to escape the city’s clamor and wildness consistently. Numerous locals own or rent country homes or known as “fincas” in pueblos and the encompassing wide open. Guatape is a vivid pueblo found about two hours by transport from Medellin. You can join an organized tour or go there independently (it’s completely safe) for a long-day trip.

Medellin may still lack huge places to visit like you’ll discover in Buenos Aires or Rio de Janeiro, but try to invest a little time here, and you may discover the spring climate, mountain sees, accommodating locals, and loose pace of life are hard to take off. Joined with the minimal effort of travel and living, its no big surprise more non-natives are choosing to visit Medellin, as well as to live and retire here as well.

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