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Utah Bound: 6 Things to Know About Scoring Sundance Film Festival Tickets

January 6, 2015 |

Sundance Film FestivalThose looking for notable events of 2015 have the annual Sundance Film Festival marked on their calendars. In addition to sightseeing and opportunity for outdoor activity, movie lovers head to Utah to enjoy ongoing flicks, discussion, and more. Rub elbows with movie stars and B-movie buffs alike; any person may attend the festival and get tickets.

However, before getting your ticket, you may have a few lingering questions. Gain a better understanding and perspective of movie opportunities by reading the following question-and-answer material below.

How Much and Who

“How much are tickets?” the most frequently asked question, is followed by “Can non-celebrities attend?” Tickets are $20, and, yes, those who are not celebrities may attend the festivities and public screenings, though invitations to ‘after parties’ may be contingent on whom you know within the in-crowd.

What’s With Individual Tickets?

Those without a ticket package or full festival pass purchase individual tickets, a good strategy for those who love movies and looking to watch the next gem before it unloads on the mainstream stage. Experts urge individual ticket purchasers to take chances and view ‘obscure’ films that may be future big hits.

What Sells Out?

The premier movies were followed by dramatic competition regarding most-sought tickets of last year. However, there is no necessary method in the movie-going madness to take place in Utah. In 2014, short programs and the ‘next’ category were crowd favorites, so it’s best to stay informed of what’s hot in 2015.

The Biggest Fallacy

The sold-out sentiment is the biggest fallacy regarding the Sundance Film Festival. Yes, it’s highly popular, yet those who are passionate and dedicated toward the effort find ways of gaining entry. Beyond initial screening, only 30% of the 650 public screenings are ‘sold out.’ Additionally, it’s rare for those on the waitlist not to be accommodated in some way, especially by the day of the show. In addition to getting tickets, direct attention toward ResortPropertyManagement.com for lodging information.

What About Off-Screen Events?

Not all attendants look most forward to what’s on the screen. Actually, some come for the discussion, the chance to see celebrities, to be around others with a deep passion of film, etc. Gain priority access to non-theatre events for $200; this seems to be a sure bet to a great time for those who are more concerned about off-screen events taking place at the Sundance Film Festival.

What About the Waitlist?

The wait system works in real time to provide the best opportunities to those without full access. Waitlist tickets are cheaper ($15), and the e-system works with mobile devices to keep moviegoers up-to-date regarding opportunities. Insiders warn – don’t be thrown off if the waitlist number seems high; only about a third of those with electronic numbers check in, so number 100 may (actually) be 30th in line. The system, to be improved in 2015 so buyers can see now many people are in front of them, was a huge hit and advantage for 2014 goers.

The annual Sundance Film Festival is an ongoing success. Now, you’re more prepared than ever to temper preliminary questions and take action before the first day’s events take place.

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