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May 31, 2014 |


The UK is one of the popular destinations in Europe as people visit each year to witness its impressive array of attractions from natural to manmade. A luxury UK tour will lead you to fascinating places stopping over to explore historical institutions and buildings dating back to over a thousand years ago. It is a great way to see the people, places and events that helped shape the country into what it is today.

In a land where the monarchy system of governance has been applied for ages, you will be intrigued by the royalty and its impact on England as it dates back to hundreds of years ago. As you tour the UK in style, you will get a glimpse into the lives of the most famous kings and queens that have ruled over the British Isles and the amazing collection of palaces and castles that dot its magnificent landscapes. The Buckingham Palace in London is perhaps one of the most popular royal attractions but there are many others and you may have a chance to spend a night or more in some of the converted royal abodes as you tour the UK.(image by Bill Evitts)

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There are numerous regions of the Great Britain that you can explore on a luxury tour of UK; from the Scottish Highlands to Cornwall beaches and the pretty villages of Cotswolds and to the magnificent cities such as London and Bath.

In terms of accommodation, the UK offers varieties that will blow your mind, whether you want to sample mellow whisky in the beautiful Scottish Highlands, soak up in the beauty of the quintessential English villages of Cotswolds or experience London in all its splendor, there are always luxurious and extravagant hotels, townhouse and even castles to give you the experience of a lifetime.


A self drive tour of the UK in a campervan is one of the most affordable, convenient and fascinating ways to discover all that the four countries of UK have to offer. Whether as a group, a family or a couple, you travel at your own pace and pulling over to explore the country’s impressive array of historical treasures, gorgeous cities, quaint villages and sampling English delicacies at every stop.(image by Beverley Goodwin)

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One of the best attractions in the UK is its beautiful countryside, from the rolling green fields of the English countryside to the heather covered mountains and the spellbinding lochs of Scotland, a self drive tour in a campervan will be satisfactory highlighted by the beautiful sceneries.

The good roads and variety of camping sites makes a self drive tour of UK easy, the roads are normally well marked reducing any chances of wrong turns. Most of the campervan companies recommend the best routes depending on the kind of holiday you want and also include the camps along the way. Keep in mind that in some areas it is allowed to camp in the wild and therefore check first and if a region is captivating enough and safe you can enjoy camping. Also be sure to get good UK holiday insurance cover prior to the trip in case of any mishaps.


The UK is a country that boasts of a long history, there had been endless battles, kings and queens, nobles and the extremely wealthy countrymen. With this endless history there has been a rich legacy of magnificent structures which still tell the special tales of the UK in their own special way.

There are uncountable beautiful mansions and stately homes that have served as homes for the rich and powerful in the UK history and some of these extravagant establishments still remain intact even after hundreds of years.(image by Paul Clark)

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Some of the great properties have been refurbished into fabulous luxury holiday homes adding some modern appliances and fittings yet they retain their original charms and elegance. You can find fabulous houses in stunning locations such as in lush valleys, along the coast, in wooded areas and beside lakes. As it was the norm then, the properties had spacious grounds and beautiful gardens; well you can still have all the space you want as some of the huge holiday homes still retain this trend, some even going further and adding exquisite facilities such as pool, gym and playground.

You can treat yourself to a luxurious stay in these sophisticated homes enjoying all the finer things of life yet also having a chance to peek into the past. The holiday homes are ideal for families, parties and even for honeymoons as they offer privacy and freedom that you may hardly find in hotels.


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