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September 13, 2017 |

new york cityProbably the most visited city in the United States, New York is a city full of fashion, luxury, nightlife, art, theatre, food and energy. The people of New York swear by the city and claim that no other city can be compared with it. And they are right in their own way, which you will realise when you travel to this beautiful city. The energy that flows through the city and its people is truly enticing. However, apart from its people and its energy, New York City also houses some of the most popular tourist spots in the USA. Your trip to the United States of America will never be complete if you don’t visit some of the New York attractions . To help you plan your holiday in New York, here is a list of the top three must do activities for you to try out during your trip.

1. Watch the View from the Empire State Building Observatory

Watch the View from the Empire State Building ObservatoryThe Empire State Building is one of the most iconic and the most recognisable tourist attractions of New York City. A trip to New York cannot be complete if you don’t take a trip to the observatory located on the 86th floor of the building. The panoramic views of Manhattan and beyond that you can experience from the top is truly mesmerising. If you visit the observatory on a particularly clear day, then the view can extend over five states – New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

2. Take a Helicopter Tour over the City

Experiencing the iconic skyline of Manhattan from a helicopter is something that you will never forget in your lifetime. There are many helicopter tours over the city, which take you to the most famous New York attractions and let you enjoy the beauty of these magnificent landmarks from a bird’s eyes’ point of view. From Statue of Liberty, Ellis and Governor Islands, the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, to Manhattan’s famous skyscrapers including the Empire State Building, Chrysler, Woolworth, MetLife Buildings and the One World Trade Center, you will get to see all of these attractions in a single tour.

3. Go for a Luxury Dinner or Lunch Cruise

Going for a luxury dinner/lunch cruise around the Manhattan Island fulfils two purposes together – you get to sample some of the beautiful food New York has to offer, and you also get to see the famous sights of New York. You get to cruise through the waters of Hudson and East River while enjoying the view of the magnificent skyscrapers of Manhattan. If you opt for a dinner cruise, then you will also get to experience the various sights illuminated beautifully. Along with the beauty, you will get to eat some of the most delicious food you can find in New York City. Depending on which cruise you choose, you might also get to experience onboard live jazz music while you sail through the waters. The beautiful view, luxurious cruise ship, excellent food and extremely professional service make cruising in New York a must do activity.

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