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Top Destinations to Visit While Going on a Baltic Tour

December 19, 2017 |

Surrounded by Scandinavia, Finland, the Baltic countries, and the North and Central European Plain; the Baltic Sea is simply one of the perfect places to enjoy a luxurious cruise trip. There are simply a ton of countries to visit and explore while you go on a Baltic cruise. It will give you the opportunity of exploring some of the most culturally rich cities these countries have in store for you. You can be sure to have an amazing cruise experience while you go on a Baltic cruise, filled with some of the most incredible vistas that Europe has to offer. A lot of cruise trips through the Baltic Sea are organised on a regular basis in the UK. These cruises take you to some of the most incredible countries in this region, and here are some of the top destinations which you can explore during your trip.

Copenhagen, Denmark

The Capital and the most populous city in the Nordic country Denmark, Copenhagen is one of the most popular destinations which you can visit when you go on a Baltic cruise. Your cruise will organise shore excursions into the city so that you can wander around the beautiful streets. You will get to enjoy the fantastic architectures that Copenhagen has in store for you. There are a lot of buildings in this city having connections with the Royal family. Apart from the beautiful architectures, there are a lot of famous attractions like the Little Mermaid Statue, Christiansborg Palace, Amalienborg Palace etc. which you can explore while you are here.

Riga, Latvia

Riga, the capital city of Latvia, is another one of the destinations which you can explore when you go for a Baltic cruise. This historic city is another one of the top destinations of these regions because of the oldest parts of the city. You can visit the historic Riga Castle, which dates back to the 14th century. Another attraction which you must check out while visiting this city is the Dome Cathedral. This cathedral is famous for its multiple architecture styles which showcase the various cultural influences you can experience in this city.

St. Petersburg, Russia

Another one of the most fascinating and beautiful cities which you can visit during your cruise through the Baltic Sea is St. Petersburg in Russia. It is truly one of the most impressive cities in the world, rich with a lot of history and culture. You can explore the beautiful architectures and museums of the city to truly get a feel for the rich history this city has. Especially remember to check out Hermitage Museum, which has a lot of historical artefacts and treasures which will give you a glimpse into the past of this city. St. Isaac’s Cathedral is another must visit attraction of this city. With its huge gold-covered dome, breathtaking architecture and the sheer size, this cathedral will surely blow you away. There are also a number of historical monuments in St. Petersburg which you must check out when you are here.

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