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Top 7 Most Extreme Destinations in the World

January 27, 2014 |


Explore the world and discover the hottest, coldest, driest and some of the world’s extreme travel destinations. We help you discover some of the worlds hardest to reach landmarks and some of which are closest to space. Below are ten most extreme such travel destination

1. Mount Thor in Nunavut Canada

Mount Thor holds world records of having the world’s steepest peak, the summit, made of granite rocks, has over 1,250 meters of vertical drop! with its angel of declination being an awesome 105 degrees. Despite being in a remote area, this mountain attracts hundreds of thousands of mountain climbers each year. If you can make to its peaks, you will have the option to pitch your camp outside the base of the peak.

2. Oymyakon in Russia

Visit this place and be among the few who have had the opportunity to be in the world’s coldest and inhabited place. The place once recorded a temperature of -71.2 degrees. The place has less than five hundred people and was once used for political exiles. The ground is frozen throughout the year and winters get to negative fifty degrees Celsius. Popular sport includes ice hockey, skiing and ice fishing. Celebrities often frequent this city to identify with it, it has however only one hotel (image by Maarten Takens).


3. Atacama Desert in Chile

This is the driest place on earth. Its holds the world record of having the longest rainless period that happened between the years 1903 to 1918, only one drop of rain fell in this period. The sparsely populated town is mother to great movies and television series. There are also several hotels to choose from for tourist who want to explore the desert. Organize guided tours to avoid getting in these large tracks of land. Remember to carry plenty of water.

4. Mount Chimborazo in Ecuador

This inactive volcano stands at over 20,000 feet high while Mt. Everest stands at 29,000 feet. Owing to its geographical position, Mount Chimborazo’s peak is the furthest spot in relation to the center of the earth. Its peaks are completely covered by glaciers and this makes it to be a favorite destination for mountain climbers.

5. Lut Desert in Iran

This is one of the hottest places on earth; temperatures go as high as 70 degrees Celsius. Though frequently visited, this desert is purely for those who have a big heart and can stand these great temperatures, unbearable climate, harsh winds and constant thirst (image by J Pandolfo).


6. Tristan Da Cunha in United kingdom

This is one of the most isolated places on earth. The island stands has less trhan three hundred inhabitants, no airport and is only accessible by sea. In this 21st century, its definitely the most isolated region. The region gives you a getaway from the daily hustles of the town and ranks seventh among world’s extreme travel places.

7. Antarctica

One of the coldest and driest continents on earth, Antarctica population ranges from 1000 to 4000 people. You will be thrilled by its amazing sceneries. You will love to ski and do other snow related activities as well as ride on husky pulled sledges
Get to these seven most extreme destinations and enjoy the adventurous experience of being in those places.


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Featured image courtesy: Susanna Wikman

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