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Top 5 Places You Must Visit in Japan

December 11, 2013 |

The state of Japan sometimes known as Nippon Koku is basically an island nation in the the Eastern side of Asia. Japan is situated in the pacific ocean and lies to the East of Sea of Japan,South Korea, North Korea and Russia as well as to China, while stretching from the Sea of Okhotsk to the north and to the East China Sea and with Taiwan to it’s South.

The land and the State of Japan is a beautiful country, with warm,welcoming and hospitable people.The land is characterized with numerous beautiful natural and historic scenery, attractive human structures, activities, cultures as well as a beautiful climatic variations and conditions.There are numerous places in Japan, must places to visit in Japan that would not only offer any enthusiast traveler an incredible and wonderful moment during their visit but that which will provide a memorable moment from some of the following remarkable and incredible places and destination in this country of Japan.Some of the places and destination that you visit are not complete without having to visit comprises of:

1. Tokyo

Tokyo is the defacto capital city of Japan.The city is known to be the largest metropolitan area and the most populated city in the globe.The city is well organized and with almost everything one would desire to visi or to buy. Some of the central and most captivating places in Tokyo that one would want to visit include the Shibuya, Shinjuku,Harajuku,Roppongi which offer some very captivating and suitable ares for sight seeing,nightlife,gourmet and many more.Other scenic and historic areas in Japan include the renowned the Asakusa temple which acts as the symbol of Japan due to its famous huge red paper lantern. On you visit to Tokyo you can never miss to visit the famous Tsukiji Fish market that provides a peculiar ,huge area full of fresh fish,sea foods and numerous other Shushi restaurants as well as lots of other fish selling activities.

2. Kyoto

Kyoto is a city in Japan that provides the essence of beauty of the Japanese culture. This is an ancient capital that is situated just to the east of Osaka.This place comprises of numerous interesting activities and things to admire which ranges from Geishas to Matcha as well as from the torri gates to the Buddhas. Some of the very renowned places worth visiting once you go to Kyoto in Japan include the Sanjusangendo temple known as the temple of 1001 buddhas, the historic Nijo-jo castle built around 1662, the Gion which provides the site to see the Geisha, the Kinkakuji temple also known as the Golden Pavilion as well as the Fushimi Inari-Taisha shrine

3. Hokkaido

This is known as the 2nd largest island of Japan located in the norther most prefecture. This place possesses a number of beautiful and spectacular natural landscape which would attract any passionate traveler. This area has a mild weather during summer,cold winter which therefore provides the best destination for skiing. Moreover the area has a lot of onsen hot springs that offers quite a spectacular experience thus the being the best tourist destination spot. (image by justjoshin)

The Dale Guild www.thedaleguild.com - Top 5 Places You Must Visit in Japan - Hokkaido

4. The Chubu region

This is an area that is situated at the central location of this country. Chubu iregion has lots of prefectures such as the Yamanashi,Niigata, Shizouka,Fukui,Gifu,Toyama,Ishakawa and the Aichi prefectures.Some very spectacular tourist destination spots here consist of Mt. Fuji,Kanazawa, the Fuji five lakes,Nagoya and the Takayama.These are spots that will offer you an incredible opportunity to have adventure in Japan.

5. The Kanto Region

This is an area located almost right at the center of the Honshu island in Japan and consist of numerous prefectures such as the Tochigi,Ibaraki,Gunma,Saitama Chiba and even the Tokyo city. Basically this is a region that everyone that would want to experience city life would want to visit . Other spots in this region comprises of the Yokohama,Kamakura,Nikko and the Hakone.A tour to this place is indeed a memorable adventure that any enthusiast traveler would long for dearly.

Basically, the name Japan means the Origin of the Sun which is essentially the reason as to why Japan is sometimes known as the Land of the rising sun. These description best depicts Japan as a beautiful land that is worth visiting. The land is not only described as the land of the rising sun. Moreover, this country is an archipelago of about 6,852 islands with some of its largest islands being the Islands of Hokkaido,Kyushu,Honshu as well as the Shikoku which holds about 97% this nations Land.

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