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Top 10 Tips for Traveling to Paris with Kids

February 14, 2013 |


Paris is generally thought as a city for adults owing to its name the romantic city. Travelling with kids to Paris is certainly subject to lots of fun and rarely romantic. It’s quite challenging to have a kid on your trip and these calls for adequate preparation and research. Paris is a very amazing place for kids and you are guaranteed to have a lot of fun. Use our top ten tips to make your trip a memorable and exciting experience to forever cherish in your thoughts. You will definitely go for passports renewals to visit Paris again.

Consider Buying the book “lonely planet” for Your Kids

This is a good book for young children travel guides that breaks the major cities to a literal kid point of view. It includes places like Louvre Museum and the history of the guillotine, places where they will see gargoyles and catacombs ghostly stories. The book will undoubtedly make Paris alive to the kid even before setting the foot in the land.

Rent an Apartment Rather than a Hotel

Paris is rather expensive and hotels lifestyle is no exceptional considering the three meals a day will make your stay pricey. There are short term rental apartments for travellers which have kitchens to make food besides evading the wake up rush of the housekeepers. You and the kids can have quality retreat time in your rooms as everyone needs a bit of lone time. You can look the apartments online in sites like vrbo.com

Parisian Picnic

Your kids will enjoy the stunning gardens for great picnics which are relatively in expensive and the kids will have fun in the small playing grounds definitely. It’s great to enjoy the scenery of your kids have fun as they burn up those calories (Image by meg hourihan).


It’s Very Sweet Eating Paris Delicacies

Paris meals are very sweet and the meals served quite exotic and for picky eaters kids, you will have meals they can do well with like burgers and cheesy pastas. Adventurous kids are subject to enjoy the wildly exotic dishes they read from their book. Remember to download the French dictionary to sail well with these French terms.

Do Something Meaningful for Your Family

This may include activities like making wishes together as a family, throwing coins in fountains, handing out bought flowers to strangers; Paris is a city of love. Create those special and lasting memories for your kids and as well as you.


Paris is relatively wild in summers. Check the weather conditions online before thinking of passport renewals.

Use the Metro

It’s a subway line that gets you everywhere you go. It’s safe and easy to navigate besides being cheaper than cabs. Another advantage is that they have ticket fares for kids and multiple day passes(Image by René).



Get your kids journals from Paris it comes in handy especially in some museums where they don’t allow photography. Kids can sketch what they see.

Visit Eiffel Tower

This should be your climax of your visit especially visiting at night. See the lights sparkle hourly after nightfall. Certainly your kids will marvel and stare and their reaction can only be compared to attending a fire work season finale.

Paris is undoubtedly the next place to take your kids with these tips you certainly will man oeuvre your ways like a resident.


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