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The Top 10 Most Expensive Countries to Travel

January 16, 2014 |


For most travelers, saving is key, but with wallets stinging from recession, experiencing the finest value abroad sometimes is never worth its significance. If you want to keep on saving costs, then its best to keep away from these countries. These are some of the most expensive and luxurious countries to travel this season


In Singapore t average hotel will outsource $204 per night. While Europe and the U.S. are fighting economy crisis, Singapore is cruising way higher. It’s currently ranked at the ten places among most expensive countries to travel to. The high prices owe to the ever increasing strength of the Singapore dollar. However food is quite affordable, you can enjoy great local delicacies at an affordable price. Luxury is all you are assured in this county.

Toronto in Canada

The Canadian dollar is increasingly gaining higher value as compared to other currencies this make Canada to be an expensive country as after the currency exchange your money decreases significantly. In Toronto an average hotel goes for approximately $ 133 per head per night. Canada is continued to grow with its major cities like Toronto becoming some of the largest metropolis in the world. Toronto is currently ranked ninth among the ten most expensive countries to travel to.

Helsinki in Finland

An average hotel will cost you around $ 163 per night. Despite being in Europe it has amazingly been untouched by Europe’s dwindling economy. Price earnings report ranked it in eighth place. Finland’s high gross domestic product is the back bone behind the luxurious and expensive Helsinki city. You will spend fortunes while on a tour to Helsinki. However Europe’s dwindling economy may catch up with Finland and budget travelers may soon be able to hit the town(Image by Carlos Melia).


Sydney in Australian

An average hotel will cost you approximately $ 172 per night. The city has seen tremendous growth to being ranked n the seventh place owing to the ever increasing strength of the Australian dollar. The city’s accommodation and menus prices are relatively high for an ordinary traveler.

Tokyo in Japan

Average hotel rates are 163 dollars per head per night. The bright Tokyo also comes with high price tags, Japan has seen its self rise from the dilapidated economy state to being the a lucrative and highly expensive country. However you can find chaep menus in most local cuisines.

Stockholm Sweden

An average night will cost approximately $ 190 per night. Sweden has successfully trumped Europe recession. The ever growing economy makes Stockholm to be ranked fifth by the price earning report. Take caution of sticker shock and unfavorable exchange rate.

Copenhagen in Denmark

An average hotel will go for $ 174 per head per night. Copenhagen has not been shaken by the dwindling Europe’s economy. Its dollar still has relative strength thus making it an expensive travel destination. Summer seasons have the highest rates as the weather is most ideal for sightseeing (Image by Scandic Front).


Geneva Switzerland

Geneva is third most expensive city to travel to, average hotel prices go at 268 dollars per head per night. Swiss franc is relatively strong compared to the dollar and this makes travelling to be quite expensive.

Zurich Switzerland

Switzerland’s average hotel will cough $224 from your pocket per night; Switzerland people are filthy rich owing to the generous salaries that raise the country’s GDP. Prices are highest in summer seasons; you will enjoy the cool and ambient temperature of Lake Zurich

Oslo in Norway

Average hotel prices in Norway are at 169 dollars per night but what makes it most expensive id the consistency; this means that Norway has no peak of low season. Other amenities are quite expensive with a bottle of water going for as much as $ 6 USD.

You might consider traveling in these countries to experience the taste of being in the most expensive country.


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