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The Best Ways to Travel in the USA

January 20, 2014 |


Planning to travel to USA is quite exciting but thinking of the financial strain on the other hand can take winds out of your sail. Despite the expected trip duration, you can travel throughout the USA comfortably and secure and still save bucks. A little planning will always see you go a long way as far as trips are concerned. When evaluating the best method of transport its best first to consider the cost efficiency of rail or road transport versus flying. Chances are driving will be better despite the high cost of gases, you will be able to enjoy sightseeing along the way, you might also consider to travel in large groups to cut costs.

Commuter Trains

Commuter trains that connect USA cities come as an alternative and a more reliable means of transport. Rail transport is safest with minimal accidents being reported. Designated police in trains also reduce the chances of theft or hijacking cases. You also have added benefits like spacious and comfortable cabins and you can travel in first class cabins to enjoy the best services of rail travel. Trains in USA cruise at very top speeds and the fact is that they are faster than cars. Most companies will charge approximately $ 200 for a reclining sit while a roomette will go for any price ranging from $480 to $880; a roomette has two beds for you. Another advantage of rail travel is that you can book night journeys and save lodgings costs (Image by Don Mason).


Travel in Groups

Another best way to travel in the US is to travel in groups, group travelling is quite economical in the long run, and you will have better grounds to bargain from as comparing to a single person travelling. Most travel companies also offer group packages so it will be quite cheaper to rent a ten sitter van in group than renting in on your own. Group travels are also quite secure as you will best take care of each other and help each other where need arise. You will evade the long and strenuous driving hours as you can hand over the car to another member of your group to continue driving you, this also saves precious time as you don’t have to park aside and take a rest. If possible rent your own van, as a group it will be so easy to fill gas to full tank and you will also be have the freedom to leave your lodgings or rented apartments at your own time without hurries unlike in cases you are taking public transport (Image by Simon Pielow).


Public Transport

USA public transport system is pretty cheaper compared to bus or train travel, it’s also fairly convenient but it’s least comfortable. Bus stations are also quite unkempt and can be an eyesore, buses interior are not spared too, and they might be quite grungy. The coach system is quite cheap but the experience of rubbing elbows with huddled masses is not pleasant. If you want to use public transport system do some research and hire the best bus company in town, you might consider user ratings and public review. This will be quite handy to help you choose the best company to hire.
Next time you intend to visit USA, you might consider these tips that show you some of the best ways to travel in USA.

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