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The 8 Best Gift To Your Spouse while on Honeymoon

May 12, 2012 |

Honeymoon is a special occasion meant for both of you, besides the excitement of getting to new and awesome destinations; you need to keep the moods elated otherwise the adventures will end up like long and forced tiresome journeys. No one wants their honey moon to be like that, this creates the need to introduce change and bring more happiness to the table. Gifts will get the job well done on your behalf. There are gifts that you can share, gifts for her and gifts for him, don’t worry which are the best gifts while on honeymoon, here’s some of the best gifts to give your spouse while on honeymoon.

Gifts for Her:


Set the moods of more and more romance by giving your wife lingerie. Choose the best quality of a tasteful nightie or some set of matching panties and bra of her favorite color. Women love to be admired and she will be grateful for the gift.

Gift Basket

A sensual gift basket from his man after a busy and activity full wedding will do great wonders. The basket should comprise massage oils, bubble baths and candles that will stir up honeymoon romance. After all it’s your long awaited moments and you ought to really enjoy (Image by teuscher chocolates).

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Manicure and pedicure

While on honeymoon, give your wife an extra ordinary gift, a fully paid appointment for pedicure, manicure and make up application. She will definitely feel loved and well cared for. After that spoil her and take her for a dinner for two that should be accompanied with dancing, your lady will be elated and pleased to see you love her and treat her like a princess.

Gifts for Him:

Gift Basket

A romantic gift basket also will work well for your new husband, if he likes liquor capitalize on this chance, make liquor the center piece of his basket. A well wrapped bottle of bourbon or scotch will take him by surprises. You can include a pair of glass wines such that you can both enjoy a fancy cocktail in your suite.

Favorite Music

Carefully wrap a card plus a CD or an mp3 that has his favorite music collection and full of romantic love songs like those of Barry White.  You can also include a laptop or a tablet in the gift. If you go for the tablet or laptop ensure you pack a flash disk full of his favorite songs. You can play the songs and enjoy romantic tunes, get up your new husband and let him dance with you.

Gifts to Share:


Take your new love to a spa and enjoy the happy moments together, you can also take her for massage and even choose to do it for her. You still have another option, couples massage, both of you will enjoy the experience.

Dinner for Two

Take your sweetheart to a very romantic and coveted restaurant where you can have an intimate dinner for two. If you are in the tropic, the waters can give you the most romantic experience(Image by Jamie Frith).


Cruise for two

While on honey moon you can book a cruise for two people only. You can then both have a sunset dinner at sea and enjoy holding each other as you cuddle onboard. Nightfall will amaze you as you will enjoy seeing the oceans beauty at its best, flickering lights from ships and sparkling stars from above will crown your day.

Honeymoon gifts will strengthen your love for years; the romantic moments will forever linger on your minds. Chose an ideal gift, your spouse will never forget. Don’t be afraid to treat them, spoil them with lots of gifts and surprises.


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