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The 7 Best Beaches in the Caribbean

November 12, 2011 |


Caribbean has the most beautiful beaches in the world, not only is it a holiday destination for many travelers and tourist, is a perfect place for a memorable wedding and honeymoon destination to the newlyweds. The Caribbean has a best climate and weathers all year, and a flourish marine life, warm waters, two diverse coastlines with soft sand. Here are the lists of the best beaches in Central America.

1. Placencia Belize

Placencia is one of the best beaches in the Caribbean, located at the very tip of the Placencia Peninsula in south Belize, here everything is calm, the villagers here are friendly, the island is not crowded, most of the roads here is bare,  If you are in a relaxed mood, you can enjoy the calm breeze under the coconut palms, after a nap on the shores, enjoy beach activities, that’s is snorkeling and water diving, there is a lot of water sports in Placencia such as Kayaking, sailing and fishing or enjoy a river float tour, towards the money river.

2. Cayman Island

Traveling to the Caribbean without visiting the Cayman Island is unaccepted, consisting of three islands 90 miles south of Cuba, this is the home for any island visited, Cayman has gorgeous barrier reefs, simple yet memorable place foe honeymoon destination, Enjoy the honeymooners hike through the Mastic Trails, the trail has existed for 200 years, however you choose to spend your time in Cayman, it will be worth every moment(Image by InternationalPropertyMole).


3. Playa Tamarindo

Tamarindo is one of Central America best beaches; here the water is very warm, though the place is always busy the whole year, the sandy beaches is fully guided, There is a lot to do in Playa Tamarindo, there is adventure of every level, enjoy the scuba diving, snorkeling, others like jet skiing, wind surfing and also ocean Kayaking. If you are into the night life, you are sure to enjoy the world class restaurants and accommodation.

4. Maunday Bay

Sit in front of Cap Juluca Resort, is one best holiday destination, this place has a romantic architecture and ambiance, next time you seek the sun, Maunday bay should be at the top of the list, The sand, water and the wind is cool and perfect, the beach has a lot of privacy, the people here are friendly, apart from the powdery white sand beach, the resort offers accommodation with perfect view of the ocean, be sure to spoil your bride or groom for the best timeless memories.

5. Crane Beach

Crane beach is located in Barbados, strategically located in a coral Island; crane beach has a natural beauty and a fun loving culture, The beach is known for its strong waves best for snorkeling and scuba diving, the sandy beach is made of pulverized coral making it fine and soft(Image by tmquinn).


6. Nassau in Bahamas

It will be impolite to mention the best beaches in Caribbean without mentioning the Bahamas, The Nassau is an absolute paradise, with a lot of places to explore, and Nassau is certainly lovely for holiday destination,  If you are a fun of deep diving, Nassau is the place; enjoy the underwater scenery, and exciting underwater adventure to see the shipwrecks that occurred long time ago, you will not fail to see the known natural Blue hole visible up to 100 feet.

7. Virgin Gorda

This is a collection of Small Island, each having a unique topography, Virgin Gorda is a popular holiday and Honeymoon destination, and the islands have posh resorts, beautiful beaches and great sailing, Apart from the beaches the Islands have different unique national parks, if exploring is you thing, you can explore a series of caves and grottoes, In Virgin Gorda the beaches are framed by granite boulders others reaching up to 40 feet. The beach is also favorable for snorkeling and deep diving.

The above piece of information provides you with the best beaches you can visit in Caribbean. You can now choose the most preferable beach for you and your partner or even family.


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