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The 6 Most Popular Local Dishes in Morocco

February 2, 2014 |


Moroccans have sweet delicacies dishes, both from their street dishes as well as traditional homemade dishes which are best enjoyed with close friends or with a family. Here are some most popular local dishes in Morocco.

1. Couscous with Seven Vegetables

This traditional steamed dish best qualifies to be included in Moroccan comfort foods. The dish is best served with stewed meat or vegetables, it’s very delicious. The food is also good for vegetarians who just opt out the meat. Couscous is a tasty meal that is best enjoyed with family members; remember to use moderate chili or request for these with no chili for the case of young children.

2. Stewed White Beans

Stewed white beans have been favorite food among Moroccans for years; the food is a saucy and spicy enough to be a side dish or main dish. These stewed white beans are best if eaten using a traditional crusty khobz type of a spoon but you can also use your free hand or spoon. Stewed white beans are commendable foods to all people including vegetarians; the meal is also good for small children as its rich in iron.

3. Classic Harira

Prepared from lentils, chickpea soup, tomatoes and zesty lentil, the result is a delicious and a hearty harari which is best when served as a light supper. The food is mostly consumed by Moroccans in Ramadan but it’s also enjoyed at normal seasons preferably as a breakfast meal. Harira is fast to prepare and this makes it the most preferred breakfast meal among many, it’s also good for vegetarians as it has no meat products.

4. Moroccan Stewed Lentils

Zesty stewed lentils represents Moroccan food at its best, you can include some meat or leave out meat depending on personal preferences. The dish is served best as a side dish, if you are a vegetarian, you can link up by using Khlea Khlii as a substitute. Some spices can be bitter so it’s best to enquire from the hotel which spices they used for the purposes of small kids (Image by geekspeakllc).


5. Cracked Wheat with Dchicha Soup

Also called dchicha dyal zraa in morocco, cracked wheat is an easy to prepare satisfying soup. The food can also be added diced ginger or some pepper to make it a milder soup. This food is famous among Moroccans and is served at all restaurants that you will visit in this country; its alternative is dchicha soup from cracked barley. The soup can be served with other great dishes especially the hydrated foods.

6. Kalinti Karane

Also called grsntita, karantika or karane is a quiche sort of dish that’s made from eggs and chickpea flour. In streets you will find it being sold in slices and is North Morocco favorite food. Kalinti is good for young kids but not so commendable for vegetarians as it contains animal products, nevertheless it’s still one of Morocco’s greatest foods.

Morocco has great dishes that’s worth trying out, but be careful and ask the food ingredients especially if you are a vegetarian. Most dishes are traditional foods and are a perfect replica of what used to be eaten in those olden days. The next time you get to Morocco ensure you try out all these great local dishes.


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