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The 7 Most Popular Local Dishes in India

February 3, 2014 |


Indians consider calling their food Indian food as a gross misconception; their dishes are best called foods of India. Indian culinary tradition has been a rich resource and was inherited from great diverse pots of culture eminent by the great dishes that range from heavy perfumed dishes to light continent fares of the west. Most Indian ancient kings had extra ordinary cooks who were dedicated to come up with experimental dishes that were worth the royal flavor. These dishes have been faithfully replicated by succeeding generations to become some of the greatest foods of India. Here are some of six most popular local dishes in India

1. Pohay

Also known as Pohe, this food is considered as a snack and is prepared from flattened rice.  Mostly the food is served as a breakfast dish or with tea. The food has some numbers of variations with Kanda Pohe that’s prepared with onions being the most common. Other recipes include the Batata Pohe that’s made from diced potatoes, dadpe pohe which is a mixture of shredded fresh coconut with lemon juice or ginger and kacheche pohe which is purely raw pohe mixed with red chilli powder, oil embellishments and un sautéed onion shreds.

2. Misal Pav

The dish is quinted essentially from pune. Its prepared using water based curried Usal. The food is made by first cooking sprouted lentils that are topped with pohay, chivda, batata bhaji, farsaan and raw chopped tomatoes and onions. Mostly its accompanied with yoghurt to reduce the spice. The dish is always served with dinner roll bread called pay alongside some lemon wedges (image by Santosh Wadghule).


3. Punjabi

Punjabi foods are most popular for their spicy delicacies and exotic flavors. The dishes are categorized into the vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes which include turmeric, coriander, dry red chili powder and other spices. Some sweets made from milk products are also added to give a better food experience.

4. Bengali

Bengali food is a popular Indian dish and has five essential spices, the black cumin seed, aniseed, cumin seed, fenugreek seed and mustard seed. Theses spices come up with a perfect blend that makes Bengali food to be unique and popular among the Indians.

5. Biryani

Bryani is an Indian dish that is either served as a main or a side dish. The main dish is rice which is spiced up with Indian spices, vegetable or meat and can also be served with yoghurt. Biryani is quite an easy meal to prepare and this makes it to be favorite among most Indians (Image by Delicious Indian Food).


6. Chapatti Roti

Chapatti roti is a popular meal among Indians, it’s very fast to prepare thus making it to be a preferred dish, it’s also sweet and four chapatti roti are actually hard to finish eating. The food is a form of bread that’s prepared from whole wheat flour.

7. Paratha

Parath is prepared from a mixture of potato, muli, paneer and wheat flour which is then naked to become bread. Cooked by an Indian, the dish is very sweet and is very popular among Indians.

Different regions had their own foods in that the north palette is dissimilar to that of the east or the south. It’s important that what binds the Indians together is not the similarity of their foods but the sheer love of the food itself.

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