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The 5 Best Airlines

December 16, 2013 |

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Traveling in one a good airline makes you feel well tended, unique and special, no matter how long your flight will be, every moment you will be on the plane will be pure joy. Courtesy of the existing competition between airline companies, these companies are improving their services and amenities every day in efforts to outshine other airline carriers. The best airline carriers will always carry the day, most of them are featured by travel magazines, travel news, and travel websites and what this means is more and more traffic at their terminals. Here are some of the world’s best airlines, am sure you will not hesitate to try them again the next time you will be flying.

Asiana Airlines

Asiana airlines, previously known as Seoul Airlines was named as the best airline company in 2012 by business traveler and has been since featured in travel news. The airline has its main hub at Incheon International Airport which is outside the capital of South Korea. Expect a great in-flight experience which includes in-flight entertainment, quality meals, service efficiency, cabin cleanliness and seat comfort among others.

Virgin America

Virgin America is one of the best airlines in the world courtesy to its in-flight entertainment as well as service in addition to all other excellent services provided by the Asiana Airlines. The carrier operates on long haul flights from East Coast to West Coast of the U.S. they have also gone a step ahead to code share flights such that there are minimal chances of missing a flight.

Malaysia Airlines

Based on performance, the airline scores 74%. Basing on in-flight experience it’s rated at 90%. Seat comfort and efficiency of service is all what you expect, most carriers however banned children in some areas of the planes. Malaysian Airlines hub is in Kuala Lumpur and serves all round the region. In-flight entertainment is well catered for, meals served are friendly while service efficiency and cabin cleanliness is just superb.(image by Rohan Prasad).

The Dale Guild Travel Blog www.thedaleguild.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Malaysia Airlines  Best Airlines

Singapore Airlines

With an in-flight experience rating of 98% and an on time performance of 74%, Singapore Airlines outshines most airlines and this makes it placed top among world best airlines. The employers are very respectful and hospitable and this is what pronounces the difference. For cabin cleanliness, in-flight entertainment, seat comfort and meals served, the airline score is 100%. This explains why you must travel in this airline the next time you will be in Singapore.


Qatar Airways With an in-flight experience of 90% and airline reliability of 60% Qatar Airways still outshines hundreds of world airlines and sees itself being ranked among 5 best airlines in the world. The airline offers free booze on its international flights as well as excellent service efficiency. Seats are very comfortable and cozy.(image by wheelsnwings2007/Mike).

The Dale Guild Travel Blog www.thedaleguild.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Best Airlines Qatar

Most airlines tend to forget that kids are travelers, if you are intending to travel with kids its thus very wise to choose your carrier wisely, you can consult the type of meals they offer or better still make reservations for special kid diets, you can also equip yourself with some snacks, games, iPods and kid friendly puzzles if you are intending to fly with kids, this way, you will keep your kids busy and they will not tend to disturb you a lot. Remember to carry adequate clean bottled water to cater for your kids thirst as airplanes might not provide adequate water for them.


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