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Step into the Mesmerizing Venice

March 10, 2015 |

hotelsAlso, known as the water city, Venice is a beautiful tourist destination found in Europe. Even though a visit to this city could pinch your pocket a bit, it is still worth the visit. However, before finalizing a trip to the city of waters, there are some details which one must be aware of. Some of them have been mentioned below.

The Journey to Venice

Many people are unaware that Venice is an island city located on the Mediterranean Sea. People generally have the misconception that Venice is a mere city with the sea water. There are various ways of entering this city. This city is well connected with transportation with the mainland. There is a bridge, which connects the two and various vehicles like cars and trains ferry the people from the city of Venice to the mainland and vice versa. The Treviso Airport and the Venice Marco Polo International Airport are the nearest airports located near the city. While the former one is used for, flights flying over shorter distance, over Europe and the Mediterranean Sea, the latter one is used for international flights. There is another way of navigating to this island city and that it through the waterway, by using the cruise ships or the ferry ships.

The most economical way of entering the water city is by traveling on a train or by taking the local and economical flights, which are intercepted at the Treviso Airport.

Journey in Venice

Once the hurdle of looking for accommodation in the city has been overcome the next one appears, which the selection of the mode of transportation is. The accommodations in the city are a tad bit expensive. Nevertheless, that problem can be easily solved as there are well-connected roads connected to the other nearby cities, where the tourists can find economical and affordable lodgings. The best way to enjoy the city is on foot. No form of conveyance can convey the beauty of this floating city, better than a walk. Of course, there are excellent roads and bridges, which connect the floating city with the mainland. In addition, there are the boats, gondolas and ships available for the long distances. Another popular mode of conveyance found in this city is the vaporetto, which refers to the waterbuses. You dont need to worry about the accomodation as you can find out plenty of accommodations equal to the glittering Goat Race that definitely fulfils your expectatio

The Attractions of Venice

This dream city has various attractive sights for the tourists lined up. This city is a treat for sore eyes, with its romantic ambiance and mesmerizing beauty. All the streets are lined with gorgeous architectural structures, piazettas and windows decked up with floral artifacts. This quaint city is always bubbling with energy with all the numerous tourists, which visit all throughout the year. The diverse festivities steeped in culture and tradition like the Venice Carnival are known to lure people in. some of the most picturesque structures found in this city are, the Saint Mark Basillca along with the Saint Marks’s Campanile, Saint Mark Square, canal Grande, Doge’s Place and the Rialto Bridge. Check into one of the finest hotels like Oxford street Hotel, which always puts out their flawless, elegant rooms for their customers.

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