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Spend an Awesome Holiday With You Kids at Seaworld Orlando

December 19, 2017 |

The lively city of Orlando has been entertaining its visitors with over a dozen of theme parks it houses. Thousands and thousands of tourists from all over the world visit this beautiful city to spend some family-friendly fun time with their family and kids. These theme parks allow you to enjoy some of the most thrilling rides, see live entertainment shows, explore the magical worlds of your favourite movies or meet and greet with your favourite movie or cartoon characters. However, among all the theme parks in Orlando, SeaWorld Orlando is probably one of the best theme parks you can visit with your kids. This theme park lets you spend some beautiful time with your kids while enjoying some thrilling rides and interacting with lively animals. If you are visiting Orlando for your next vacation, here are the reasons why you should take your kids to SeaWorld Orlando.

Enjoy the rides

One of the main reasons why you must take your kids to this theme park is the rides it has in store for you. This water-based theme park has a number of kids-friendly and exciting rides which will surely make your visit to this park a fun and thrilling experience. One of the most popular rides at this park is ‘Mako’, a hyper coaster which is the most thrilling ride you will get to experience in this park. Enjoy the majestic beauty of the South Pole and see the beautiful environment from the point of view of a penguin named Puck by going on a ride named ‘Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin’. There are a number of other waterslides, roller coasters and rides involving animals which you and your kids can enjoy while you are here.

Experience the live shows

You will get to enjoy a lot of live shows involving the animals of the park when you visit SeaWorld Orlando with your kid. The park organises a number of live shows and entertainment events on a daily basis. Along with entertaining the audience, the shows also educate you and your kids about the animals involved in the shows. At ‘Dolphin Bays’, you get to meet the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins, one of the most playful creatures of the ocean. ‘Ocean Discovery’ lets you know everything about the Orcas and several other species of whales. ‘One Ocean’ is another great show where you can learn a lot about these Orcas or killer whales.

Meet the animals

Apart from the live shows, your kids will also have plenty of other chances to meet and greet the various species of animals of this park. Visit the ‘Dolphin Cove’ where you get to see the daily lives of a group of bottlenose dolphins, both from above and under the water. ‘Dolphin Nursery’ is another great place where you can watch the mother dolphins as they take care of their calves. Apart from these, there are a lot of other areas where you can get to know the lives of the different species of animals living at the park. ‘Manatee Rehabilitation Area’, ‘Manta Aquarium’ ‘Orca Underwater Viewing’ and ‘Pelican Preserve’ a few of such areas.

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