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Simple Rules in Travel Planning

April 16, 2014 |

The Dale Guild Travel Blog www.thedaleguild.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Simple Rules in Travel Planning

Alright, so you are ready to visit Indonesia and you’re very excited to visit the country’s best places for the next couples of week? Traveling can bring good memories depending on your travel plan and the circumstances. However, whenever it comes down to travel planning, you will be tempted to do everything and choose almost anything that is served in front of you. Be aware, because a very simple mistake can actually turn the whole vacation into a serious nightmare. You might do not want to repeat the same experience anymore, or even worst, you might want to stop traveling!

Before you commit a serious crime, we have complied a few simple rules in travel planning just for you :

Less Is More, And Much Better

Do not bring so many things in your backpack. This because getting around to point B from point A can take more times that you could ever imagine. Backpackers, this rule applies to all of you out there! You are constantly moving from one destination to another and if your backpack is too heavy, you’ll be experiencing the difficulty of carrying it around. The worst is you will be tempted to ride a cab instead of walking to your next destination. Trust us when we said that bringing so many items will only result in taking more time to reach your next destination.(image by Craig)

The Dale Guild Travel Blog www.thedaleguild.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - backpack Simple Rules in Travel Planning

Extremely Tiring

We tend to think our travel plan will go smoothly and it’s the most perfect plan ever. But take not that in some places (especially in Southeast Asia and other regions alike), it can be very hot and uncomfortable especially for those who got used to colder climate. If you’re carrying too much of things, you will end up tired and the trip will make you grumpy. The best way to avoid feeling bored with your trip is to take a day off from traveling if you start to feel worn out. Just rest on the bed and avoid all kinds of activity on that particular day.

Flexibility is Crucial

Our simple suggestion is to be flexible with your trip. Timetables is not an exact schedule that you will need to abide and it only act as a rough guideline. It gives you hints on where to go and what to do, but it does not force you to complete each task perfectly. Cars, buses, trains and flights are expected to leave and arrive on time. However, this does not mean that all of these public transportation will not be delayed under unexpected circumstances. When you have the chances to make a flexible changes, we hope you will take the opportunity to do so and enjoy the rest of your time more in the city.(image by Kerrie)

The Dale Guild Travel Blog www.thedaleguild.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Timetables Simple Rules in Travel Planning

Even though traveling and vacationing bring two different meaning, we still think that traveling should be able to become a perfect getaway to everyone. It is the time when you are being disconnected from your life, relationship, work and study. As a conclusion, there is no simple rule to planning a travel other than remembering the term “less is more”. Making mistakes and learning from them is just a process of becoming more mature and independent. It’s normal thing to do while traveling and if you never experience them, you are not learning anything. Do not feel burden to follow everything and just have fun!

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  1. Deia @ Nomad Wallet says:

    Good tips! Packing light is practically an art form and it takes some trial and error to get it right. I’ve learned to leave out the toiletries and pack more tops instead, especially when traveling to warm places.

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