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Prague – What to See and Do in 24 Hours

November 16, 2017 |

We’re Agness and Cez from etramping.com, one of the most resourceful travel blogs around. We would love to give you some local advice and outlook on what to do and see in Prague if you’ll only spend one day there.

Prague is the capital city of Czech Republic and one of the most interesting architectural cities in the world that is attracting millions of people each year. The baroque and gothic building along with amazing castle and churches make this city unique. When you first visit Prague, you will sense an energy the city has which will give you chills through the body while you explore the city. It’s the biggest city in the Czech Republic, but it’s perfect city for exploration, even if you have a very limited time available.

We will share some of the most interesting things to see and do in Prague in 24 hours.

#1 Old Town Square

It’s one of the main squares in Prague and you will feel the energy and heartbeat of the city there. It’s located in the center of the city and if you start your exploration here, everything else is within grasp. The square is looking absolutely stunning with the baroque buildings in different colors covering it. You can see a Town Hall, Tyn Cathedral and astronomical clock there. All three buildings are constructed in gothic style and if you’re lover of architecture, you will naturally fall in love with Old Town Square. The astronomical clock is the oldest one that is still operating and offering the hourly show called The Walk of Apostles. Each hour, the figures of Apostles are moving, while the skeleton figure is striking the time. If you just want to relax and drink your favorite beverage, you can sit at any café and enjoy the views. The square is usually overcrowded which is the downside if you don’t like the crowds.

#2 Walk Over Charles Bridge

The one thing we love about Prague is that you can literally walk from the place to place without being bored as you’re always surrounded by amazing architecture. The Charles Bridge is located on the river of Vltava and it’s only 10-minute walk from Old Town Square. The bridge is 620 meters long and at the beginning of it, you will pass through gothic bridge tower that looks breathtaking. The bridge is decorated with many sculptures that represented the saints of that era. If you’re passionate about photography, expect to shoot amazing photos of and from the bridge. Another great thing is that you have a perfect view of Prague Castle from the bridge.

#3 Prague Castle

When you pass the Charles Bridge, you will find yourself walking through narrow streets and surrounded by baroque buildings. The Prague Castle is located on the hill and it’s about 15-minute walking from the bridge. Expect many stairways on the way, but it’s definitely worth it. When you climb up, you will have a tremendous view of the whole city from the top on one side and castle on another side. The Prague Castle is the complex of royal palace, cathedral, museums and beautiful garden. It’s one of the most attracting things in Prague and it’s holding a Guinness record for the largest castle in the world. The gothic cathedral is looking amazing with gargoyles sculptures all around. You will be stunned by the beauty of the architecture of the complex.

#4 Climb Up to Petrin Hill

The Petrin Hill is located at a walking distance from the Prague Castle. You can’t miss it as you will see the miniature Eiffel Tower on the top of the hill from any place in the city. On the way to the hill, be sure to walk by John Lennon wall. This wall offers an amazing street art promoting peace in the world. When you reach the foothill, you have two options to get to the top – by cable railway or walk. Depending on the time you have, we would recommend taking a walk. Expect around 30-minute walk and higher heart beat rate to reach the top, but the views on the way are worth it. The miniature Eiffel Tower is located on the top as well as Mirror maze and observatory tower. The best time to go on Petrin Hill is at night time as you will have a stunning view over the city and Prague Castle. It’s time to take some amazing photos there!

#5 Brewery and Restaurant U Fleku

To experience Prague tradition, you should definitely check the place called U Fleku. It’s a pub and restaurant located near Old Town and from the main square, it’s only around 10 minutes by walk. The place is easily recognized by the old clock and baroque building. It’s the oldest brewery in Prague and the place was founded in 1499. There is only one type of dark beer available and it’s delicious one. If you’re not drinking, it’s perfectly ok as they are offering a traditional food in the restaurant. The menu is vast and offers a variety of different food. If you’re looking for a healthy meal there, you can order a salad or choose between many main dishes. An interesting fact is that the iconic Croatian football club Hajduk is founded there by few students who liked the football so much. U Fleku is a place filled with a Prague spirit and history.

#6 Visit Museums

Visit museums in Prague

Prague is a home of many museums and if you’re passionate about learning on different topics, the museum tours will be very beneficial to you. The great thing that many of most interesting museums are located very close to each other. Also, the public transportation is very efficient and cheap so it’s very easy to go from place to place. We would love to single out some interesting museums: Jewish Museum, Apple Museum, National Museum and Kafka Museum. If you want to check other museums this beautiful city has to offer, here is the list.

There are plenty activities to do and attractions to see in 24 hours in Prague

Have you ever visited this breathtaking city? What activities and attractions do you recommend to people who only have 24 hours available?


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