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Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations

March 12, 2013 |


Love spells are in the air, couples have successfully wedded and it’s time to go for the eagerly and much anticipated honeymoons. After the wedding, lovers want to spend out quality time together, to relieve off the stress associated with weddings and plan how they will live together as one, this creates the need to travel off to faraway places and share the joy of accomplishing this step in life. Many couples opt for tropical beaches while others sought for Europe’s romance, some don’t know where to go to, below are some of the world’s top tourist destinations.

The Bahamas

You can’t consider a place to go for honeymoon without the Bahamas crossing your mind. From Exuma to Nassau you will definitely fall in love with the blue oceans that circumnavigate the islands. Bahamas some of the most stunning tropical coasts that you can ever visit, its waters are rich wife color and marine life. Escape the crowds and people that know you and enjoy your honeymoon in over 3000 islands, you will be spoilt for choices.

Fiji and Australia

Australian cities are quickly gaining popularity among couples, the same is happening for the gorgeous Fiji Islands. You and your spouse will have relaxed and cherished moments that will always linger in your memories till God do you part (Image by Peter Moore).



Italy is the land of the beautiful and over the years, it has been a favorite honeymoon spot for many couples. Characterized by the beautiful nice and historic cities from Rome, Nice all the way to Capri Islands, honeymooners will enjoy seeing natural beauties, architectural creations accompanied by the great cultures and food of Italy. Italy will not disappoint you, its rated high among the hearts of many couples who prefer cite it as the few best honey moon destinations.


With its rich cultures and beauties, Jamaica offers some of the most exotic honeymoon tastes. Being in the Caribbean you will enjoy eating the sweet Jamaican foods. You will enjoy sightseeing the limestone plateaus, gorgeous sunsets and volcanic hills while the coast will treat you with a cool coastal breeze that you can spell and listen to the wind chant love songs for you.


Spain ranks high among the most popular honeymoon places. The country offers a complete package for both the young and the old, you will both enjoy seeing some of Mother Nature most natural beauties, being it forests, mountains, deserts or even beautiful coasts line, you just name it. Spain is mother to great popular cities like Cordoba, Madrid and Barcelona. You will also enjoy the pleasant tasting foods and a culture that looks like no other, you will never forget. Major historic sites lie in this land and the ultra modern cities will spoil you with choices (Image by  Runny and Jamster).


United States

Statistics show that most of the newly wedded want to spend their honey moon in the united states especially Hawaii, the ultimate honey moon destination. Majority of the couples prefer Oahu which is a remote location with warm weather and attractive blue waters ideal for any couple seeking the most romantic and relaxing getaway. Hotels in this part of the world have special honeymooners’ packages.

Honeymoon in the U.S.A is not complete without going to Niagara Falls; other preferred destinations include Las Vegas, Disney world, Florida and California, the wine country.

You may consider these favorite honey moon destinations and you will live to cherish the moments.


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