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Love Sweets? 5 Health Benefits Of Eating Chocolate

December 4, 2013 |

Do you like sweets?  Do you plan visiting sweet related countries such as Switzerland? There are many people who really think that chocolate is harmful, but actually there are many health benefits of chocolate that it is even better for you than green tea or red wine. You can not just eat any type of chocolate though. The key here is to eat dark chocolate. Dark chocolate have natural substances that act on the cardiovascular system in the body. Healthy chocolate is the one which contains a minimum of seventy percent cocoa or more. Dark chocolate is included in the list of top health foods, which you can eat as a healthy diet since it is loaded with antioxidants. 

There are some basic benefits and advantages of eating dark chocolates on a regular basis.

1. Good For Heart And Brain

The chocolate reduce high blood pressure and it is high on improving the flow of blood which also decrease the risk of blood clots. As dark chocolate improves the blood flow, heart and brain will always have a enough flow of blood towards them to keep them working properly. Dark chocolate contains a chemical known as flavonoids, which protect body cells and organs from free radicals. Eating few slabs or squares of chocolate can decrease the risk of heart attacks by 50%.

2. Helps Control Diabetes

The dark chocolate is helpful in improving and balancing the blood sugar levels. By protecting your blood vessels, it helps to take care against type 2 blood sugar. The flavonoids in dark chocolate are useful in insulin resistance because they are able to help body cells works normally and use your body’s insulin in the correct way.

3. Reduce Stress

A study shows that if you eat forty grams of dark chocolate every day, it considerably reduces levels of cortisol, which is responsible for stress. This chocolate also contains the serotonin which is a happy feel good chemical that gives a feeling of pleasure thus, it is also act as a antidepressant. (image by openyoureyesx)

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4. Protect Your Skin From UV

A research found that dark chocolate protects skin from harmful ultra violet rays of sun. This is because of the flavonoids, which present in chocolate that helps to increase blood flow of skin and improving skin complexion.

5. Helps Control Cholesterol Level

Eating dark chocolate in a moderate amount can reduce your cholesterol level up to ten percent and again this is due to flavonoids. The flavonoids also found in red wine, which is known for reducing cholesterol level.

From a healthy heart to beautiful skin, you have gone over many wonderful reasons to delve into dark chocolates. If you love chocolate but you can not eat it because they told you it is not good for your health, you now have an excuse. Although the many benefits of chocolate for your health, you must not forget that chocolate also comes along with many calories. There are many types of chocolate in the market but you should stay away from milk chocolate because consuming it in large quantities may give you extra fat on your body. Eat it every day in moderation and you will feel better and it is enjoyable too.

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