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Live life Queen Size in the London Suites

January 18, 2015 |

The Queen’s Land – Great Britain has been a popular tourist attraction spot where the tourists immerse themselves in the luxurious British lifestyle and culture while amalgamating with the popular trendy standard of living. Often the travelers are found to be in the quest for exquisite spacious residential hotels and suites that amplifies their standard of living for the temporary tenure. London has been remarkably considered to be one such place in Great Britain which can provide their travelers royal residential suites that would delightfully spoil you. Decorated with the finest elegant architectural designs, such majestic residential suites provide a pleasant ambience while maintaining their margin of business trade.

Suites to check in:

Adorned with the ultra-modern gadgets crafted to its utmost sophistication, London offers a long list of suites to check in. These hotels and suites are interspersed over the entire London city, ranging from Dorchester to Wembley. These suites are crafted to engender a sense of tranquility which will heighten your stay to a complete new level. Some of the luxury hotel suites London that has earned respectable distinction for providing outstanding modern amenities to their lodgers are St. Ermin’s Hotel, Brown’s Hotel, The Connaught, and Fraser Suites Kensington etc. Equipped with state of the art basic facilities and restaurants, that offers international cuisines to cater the needs of every foreign customers, these hotels are an absolute choice for the travelers to check in.

Reasons to check in such luxurious hotels:

More often than not, this question might crop up in the forefront about the idea of lodging in luxurious suites that might drain a quantifiable amount of cash. However, after hours of relentless travelling and sight-seeing, travelers would crave for a lazy, spacious lifestyle that would provide all the necessary amenities at doorstep. Starting from gym, spa, and even breakfast in bed, such luxurious hotels provides some irresistible services which are bound to attract customers who readily avail it.

Places to visit around London:

  • While one may check-in in any of the noteworthy suites in London, one simply can’t resist visiting the various architectural constructions that have witnessed and bears historical evolutions. Some of the few prominent tourist destinations that are worth visiting are enumerated as follows:
  • The Big Ben – Bearing the emblem as one of oldest remnant, this massive bell clock situated at north of Westminster. One of the iconic landmarks in London, the Elizabeth Tower, popularly referred as the Big Ben has been a major tourist attraction with its distinguished sonorous sound that can be heard from miles away. This edifice was erected back in 1844 and has been rendering useful service ever since.
  • The London Eye – Situated at the bank of river Thames, this iconic Ferris wheel provides an undistinguished and unrivalled view of the entire London city. Offering a complete 30mins ride, this Ferris wheel is centrally air-conditioned to maximize the comfort while providing a complete 360 degree view of the city.
  • The Buckingham Palace – The official residence of the long line of monarch in Britain is another noteworthy aspect to visit in London. Tourists can enjoy the royal ambience while visiting these magnificent rooms festooned with treasures that have descended from the Royal Collection.


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