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How to Raise Money for Traveling : 6 Steps

January 29, 2014 |


Fears of not having adequate money may limit and restrict you in pursuing your desire to travel , what many people fail to realize is that long term travel can be a dream come true irrespective of your earning bracket if only you commit yourself to a realistic budget. Try these six steps and you will raise as much money as you want to cater for your travel needs all over the world

Step One-Know How Much You Actually Need During Your Trip

You must know what you are looking for, do an extensive research that will help you come up with an approximate budget that you need before you embark on your mission. Travel guide books will come in handy as they will help you approximate the amount of money you will spend in your transport, food and accommodation in your preferred guest house. After that, factor out your personal costs and categorize mandatory expenses that you will have to caution yourself on for example health insurance. Revise costs that you can comfortably do without like renting a car and covering for its insurance. Calculate your personal expenses and use these figures as your starting point of raising your travel funds

Step Two-Eliminate Major Expenses

Remember you are trying to make some savings to sponsor you travel, it will be quite hard to save while still paying up normal bills, cut out your television services to enable you save more, consider renting out your home on short term basis while you will be away on travel. You can also sell some of your least imperative possessions in an effort of raising quick money.  You can auction your property online or sell it at a yard sale; you will actually save some good amount of money for your travel (image by Simon Cunningham).


Come up with Small Side Businesses

Getting some extra income will go s long way to see you save enough money for your travel. You can work part time and offer professional services that you best excel in, this may be activities like training dogs, baby sitting, offering consultation services and other s all in an effort of coming up with some extra revenue. You can also do online jobs like freelancing, carrying out surveys and answering well paid questionnaires or network marketing to help you accomplish your set target.

Create an Online Fundraising Page

You can create multiple accounts with the most popular social communities that support online fund raising forums. You can use the free software’s from great organizations like gofundme.com to come up with your very own fund raising website and integrate it with other social networking platforms. This will ensure you reach to as many people as possible.


Hold parties to help you raise your travel fees, you friends will be more than eager to fund you to travel after enjoying a great party at your place. Invite your closest friends who you are sure they will never let you down. You can also ask them to donate some of their least used properties and you can resell them and generate some income. Advertise the rummage to attract more potential customers, that way you will make good money out of it all. You can give to charity or return the remaining items after the auction (image by David Baron).



Look and apply for as many grants as you can, the free money is usually intended to help people like you to accomplish things that they would just dream of. The advantage is that you will not end up in debts as grants mean free money. Diversify and apply as many places as you can, if you can successfully get ten grants in fifty applications, you will already be having enough money to sponsor you for your travel.

It’s very easy to get enough money for travel all you need is a sound and a working plan. Patience is also a virtue you have to employ if you really want to succeed in your endeavors.


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