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How to Prepare your Kids to Around the World Travel

September 3, 2012 |


Preparing kids to travel to the rest of the world can be a daunting task especially if it’s your first time to travel. Frequent travelers also find it hard to prepare the kids to travel as some kids requirements continue to change as they are growing.  Kid’s tend to be overexcited about the idea of travelling and this excitement can cause you days of headaches, especially for those arrogant and rude kids who feel they are so mature that they can be left to do things on their own. Here are some easy to follow guides on how to prepare your kids to world travel


Before you embark on any trip it’s highly recommended you take precautions about your health. Take the kids to the clinic or hospital and have then checked for any medical conditions. It also a requirement in some countries that visitors must be vaccinated against some diseases, abide with their rules. Vaccination should be done two weeks to four weeks earlier to ensure the vaccine has been integrated to their bodies. Avoid going to disease prone areas or areas with high altitudes, high altitude areas are will put your kids at the risk of catching cold.

Accommodation Prior and on Arrival

As you prepare to embark on round the world trip with kids remember that they too will require some accommodation facilities, consult your hotels that you intend to make reservation on how they handle kids and if they have kids special rooms. Some hotels are adults only, don’t ignore. Get your kids and involve them, teach them on accommodation in the new places they will be, let the older kids be responsible and take care of the young ones, they can be keeping the keys and other personal effects. Inform them about some basic things like the importance of emergency exists and why they should not go exploring on their own, they can press the fire button and cause tension in the whole facility, this can be humiliating to you as a parent (image by Creta & Terra Maris Hotels).


Educate Them

Prepare your kids and teach them about roads they will be visiting, unlike your country, some foreign lands drive on the right or on the left so it means that you will have to adjust accordingly. Go online and do more research, read with them and let them understand. Give them travel related books for kids and let them expand their knowledge.

Book the Right Seats

As you prepare to travel with kids remember to book the right seats depending on your means of transport. Consult the travelling company, some planes have hanging cots designed for babies, these can come in handy especially in long flights s they waive you off the tendency of getting tired. For trains you can book seats that face each other, his will be easy to monitor your kids. Seats near the window are perfect for kids travel as they will constantly engage their busy minds. It will also be easy to monitor the child’s moves as you will see them before they get to the aisle (Image by SelectHealth).


Flying with Kids

Some flight companies have special meals prepared for children depending on their age, before booking, consult the type of meals and services they have for kids, this will help you to evaluate and book the best airline that is kid friendly. You might consider to book seats near other families such that your kids will not be bored, they can socialize with others and make new friends

Travelling with kids is quite enjoyable and fun, you don’t have to worry so much if you made the right preparations in advance. Your kids will also be glad to see that you see them as responsible people who can manage themselves. Take travelling easy and have a goodtime with your kids, no matter the number.


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