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How to Communicate with Friends and Family While Travelling

July 25, 2014 |

The number one reason why we all love to travel during the holidays, or in between the year is primarily because, we want to get out of our day to day lives and instead, get to relax, experience new things, have a good time, and of course, have a story to tell. Whether traveling solo or in accompaniment of some friends or family, the need to let others know how you are doing is irresistible. This is why communicating with both friends and family back home is so important.

Whether traveling locally, regionally or internationally, there are quite a number of channels that you can adopt to enable you communicate with those left behind. Since almost all parts of the world tend to have reliable and effective channels of communication, you can easily choose to keep in touch by simply sending a snail mail, dialing their number, sending a text message or using internet based channels such as Email and social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Skype or Instagram among others.(Image by Mary Jo.)

The Dale Guild Travel Blog www.thedaleguild.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - dialing their number Communicate with Friends and Family While Travelling

The number one mode of communication when travelling is calling. Many travellers actually confess that international calling makes them feel closer to the people they care about. And, it’s not just about hearing the voice of the people you care about, but also getting to listen rather than hear them, and immediately being able to address any underlying issues, such as answering their questions. Long-distance calling is also very reliable more so when using the roaming services, meaning that you need not subscribe to another network in the country you’re visiting.

Alternatively, you may reach your loved ones via the web-based channels. These are ideal in instances where you need to add some life to the conversation. Through these means, you can video chat with either one person at a time or a group simultaneously. You can also take videos and images and share them with them through the various social media networks you may have an account with. And due to the issue of different time zones, you may want to ensure that you don’t disturb your friends and family by calling at unexpected hours, like when in the office. So, instead of dialling their number or initiating a video chat, you can initiate a live internet chat, or use other messaging alternatives like WhatsApp.(Image by Stacy Brunner)

The Dale Guild Travel Blog www.thedaleguild.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - video chat Communicate with Friends and Family While Travelling

Other than communicating via the modern technological channels, one may similarly keep in touch by using the traditional forms of communication. This is by regularly sending your family and friends’ letters or postcards of the places you’ve visited, and telling them about your experiences. Though this form of communication may take longer, it still remains classic and is among the most cherished.

Although there are plenty of ways by which you can communicate with friends and family while travelling, and with international dialing being the most common, what matters the most isn’t the channel used, but how it’s being used. It’s therefore important to choose a form that you are most comfortable with, one which is easily accessible and affordable, and most importantly, one which is convenient.


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