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How to Avoid Last Minute Surprise when Arriving to a New Country

June 12, 2012 |


When considering to travel to a new country its best advisable to prepare and make all your arrangements on time, this will ensure you avoid many surprises that may come your way. Early preparation is always the key to having a successful trip. Here are travel tips on how you can avoid last minutes surprise.


After arriving to a new country the problem arises when you suddenly realize you have got nobody in mind to pick you up and you are afraid of the taxi men around the airport as you aren’t sure how reliable they are. When you arrive in a new country it’s obvious you have to embark and start your mission, you cannot just hang around in the airport. The best and most secure way is to ensure you communicate with your hotel and make prior arrangements such that you will be drove to the hotel premises without any hitches. You can also book pre paid taxies as they are safer than private taxis.

Make New Friends

When travelling to a new country, you can avoid the last minute surprise by having some friends who can come to collect you at the airport and drive you to their premises or to a reliable hotel. Friends are good and will hardly misdirect you, you can use your mutual friends who are living in that country or create and make new friends from social media sites. Be careful when selecting who to be friend from social media sites as their profile may be completely different from what they are. Make sure you check their friends for you to know the type of person you are dealing with (Image by Toya).


Familiarize Yourself with the Country

Every country has its own traditions and culture, it can feel awkward to try and shake hands with people from a community that perceive shaking hands as an unclean act. Dishes are also something you ought to familiarize yourself with, you can be in countries that eat strange dishes like snails and probably snails can never appear on your diet, avoid these by familiarizing yourself with the dishes you can take. Language is also something you really ought to familiarize yourself especially if they speak in different language from you, at least try learn some basic words like saying thank you. Currency can also surprise you, this can be that moment when you remove your Swiss dollars and the cashier tells you they only receive Japanese yen.


Though often overlooked dressing code can really take you by surprise in some countries, you may be in this tight and hugging miniskirt in a country where people dress tall robes that touch the ground, you will definitely feel out of place when all eyes turn and look at your dressing in disgust. This can be very embarrassing and can make you get fed up with that new country without even exploring it. To avoid such, it’s best advisable to consult and read more travelers guide books that will tell you the best dressing code of visiting those countries(image by noriko.stardust).


The next time you are planning to travel to a new country don’t just do it hap hazardously. Do it in style, prepare adequately for the visit and learn of the peoples way of life. You might consider these tips to help you plan for your next travel to a new country.


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