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Five Extreme Sports Adventures in Southeast Asia

January 13, 2014 |


Extreme sports are all you will get trending throughout South East Asia. Before you start these activities ensure you secure travel insurance and your heart’s medication as these adventures are not for the faint hearted.

Mountain Biking in Cambodia

Mountain biking can be a dusty and rough experience in this part of Cambodia but what fascinates is the thought of rolling through ancient Angkor temples and the Siem Reap dirt roads on a bike. There are also longer but different routes that can get you as far as Poi Pet in the North, you can even cross the border and get to Vietnam or Laos. Mountain biking tours are being offered by many agencies with the longest lasting being a two week package, this package is inclusive of a chow and hotel stays. It’s recommended you use a mountain bike or a touring bike instead of racer bike as the roads are too poor for the latter to handle.

Surfing in Bali, Indonesia

Bali attracts surfers from all over the world but mostly many come from Australia due to its proximity with the Southern Continent. The island has unique geography that provides the right conducive surfing conditions all year round; it’s also a destination for all surfers irrespective of their level of experience. Beginners can take the Kuta kind waves while potential and well able surfers will love doing Nusa Dua’s shallow to sharp reef, bottom, huge and more powerful right hand waves (Image by Jean-Marc FAVRE).


White Water Rafting in Cagayan de Oro

Located in Philippines, whitewater rafting is a continuous growing industry. Cagayan De Oro River has more than twenty rapids that range from class one to six, rafting companies are also there to offer you beginner trips where you are allowed to do up to rapids of order three. There are quite a good number of professional rafting companies with highly trained guides who are always ready to take you for rafting; they are usually up to the task as they provide floatation devices, state of art rafts, rafting helmets and dry bags. Other extension services including picking you up from the airport and driving you to the highest jump off point! Beginners are usually charged between fifteen to twenty dollars.

Tubing in Vang Vieng Laos

Tubing most laid back activities in Lao town is going for an adventure in sloth, it gives you a once in a life time opportunity to wrestle with a river before getting on. Most places in Vang Vieng offer tire inner tubing’s for hire at approximately four dollars for a whole day. You can go for an extreme excursion by going with a tuktuk two miles upstream and then enter the river with your tubing and let it give you a free four hour ride as you enjoy seeing the incredible landscape that’s along the river channel before you get back to your initial spot. During the dry season, the river flowing speeds are at their lowest (Image by Charlie Meachin).


Base Jumping, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Base jumping involves skydiving from a raised platform to the earth, at Menara Kuala Lumpur you will enjoy to base jump from a platform that’s 300 meters higher, the adrenaline and the thrill associated with the base jump is the heart of this sport.
Travel to Southeast Asia this season and participate in these great but extreme sports. You will definitely enjoy the experience.


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