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Ever been to Antarctica? Here are Some Antarctica Cruises & Tours

January 12, 2014 |


There are several ways one can explore Antarctica.  Some like to be more creative and more adventurous by planning their own trip and routes, while putting themselves in a more difficult position, especially if doing this with no experience.  On the other hand, some will choose to go with experienced companies, such as Oceanwide Expeditions, that offer cruises and Antarctica deals such as the Antarctic Peninsula, Falkland Islands, helicopter tours and more. But as for cruises, if this something you like to consider, you had come to the right place.

Antarctic cruise ships come in four categories, the icebreakers, the luxury ships, the expedition ships and lastly the adventure ships. Each distinct type of ship offers its own amenities, advantages and unique travel experience. There are a lot of cruises that offer instant booking services especially for a trip to Antarctic, booking can be done online but remember to read customers reviews before booking a cruise ship, here are some of the best Antarctic cruises and tour that we can actually recommended.

National Geographic Orion
Orion is arguably one of the most sophisticated vessels that best describes class. The ship boasts of having custom made expeditions for cruising. Orion can aesthetically and technically reflect the epitome of elegance. Its furnishing and fittings and other on board recreational facilities are completely nothing short of 5 stars. Orion’s mega luxurious activities just describe it as a mega yacht than an ordinary cruise ship. It has very few guests’ rooms which can handle a maximum of fifty couples who are cared by a 75 person’s crew. This makes Orion to be one of the greatest cruise ships you ought to consider for the Antarctic voyage.

National Geographic Explorer
This great ship is perfectly designed with 21st century exploration features in mind; the ship assures you as a guest of its comfort, adventurous nature and informality. As a state of the art ice class voyage ship, National Geographic Explorer accommodates approximately 148 guests in its 81fully stabilized cabins. Cabins feature balconies, portholes or windows, an elevator, comfortable ambiance and well decorated warm woods. Public areas are characterized by a chart room, a library glass bound observation lounge, a main lounge, global gallery a wellness center, a sauna and a spa. Other key features include hydrophones, Kayaks, HD underwater cameras, remote operated vehicle that has the capabilities of diving up to 1000 feet and a video microscope (image by Tom McNikon).


Sea Spirit
Sea spirit gives you a remarkable polar region experience that’s grand in style. Sea spirit’s highly spacious suites have a carrying capacity of 114 passengers and have been approved for polar waters. It’s also equipped with zodiacs, rubber inflatable boats that are best for cruising and shore transfers. The ship also offers camping and kayaking options on certain designated departures. The ship features over 15 suites with balconies, flat screen TVs plus DVD players in each suite, an opera bar that’s inclusive of all drinks, optional cross country skiing, camping and climbing , full internet connection , a library and a satellite phone access in all cabins among other features.

The Corinthian cruise features modern and refurbished all inclusive suites, twenty four hour room service, mini refrigerator, fresh fruit and flowers basket, satellite TV among others. It’s also one of the smallest ships thus you will enjoy a lot of privacy (image by Dutch shipspotter).


Sea Explorer
This luxury cruise ship feature four star amenities and over 57 guest suites. Each suite has a beautiful ocean view, satellite TV, a safe, a mini refrigerator, a marble bathroom among other amenities. Some suites have private balconies that can be accessed by just sliding glass doors.

Visit Antarctica this season in style on board one of these great cruises.


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