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Endless Reasons Why I Love Visiting Japan

November 17, 2014 |

I am a die-hard Japanophile. Despite never truly being there, I am fixated on Japan – the nourishment, the society, innovation, temples, structural planning. I adore everything. At whatever point I get a home, Japanese symbolization will assume a dominating part in it. Out of every last one of excursions I’ve taken in the last few years, I’m most amped up for this one. I’m woozy with fervor. The following are the reasons why I adore going to Japan :

Tokyo’s Ginza District – I’m anticipating the renowned shopping and nightlife range of Ginza and the rankling swarms that run with it. (image by: Cuba Gallery)

The Dale Guild Travel Blog www.thedaleguild.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Tokyo's Ginza District Endless Reasons Why I Love Visiting Japan
Sushi – I cherish sushi so much, I would consume it for breakfast. Any individual who knows me, thinks about my sushi compulsion.

Bullet Trains – Let’s check whether they truly are quicker than a speeding projectile! Furthermore if not, their gathered solace and extravagance will be almost as great.

Mount Fuji –  I have, for the longest time, been itching to climb this mountain and see the day break. And now, I get to do it!

Tokyo Subway – People dependably discuss surviving the London Tube yet the Tokyo Subway is the true maze. Bring it on!

Tokyo Fish Market – The larger part of sushi on the planet passes through this business and, as a sushi significant other, I can hardly wait to see one of the world’s busiest and biggest fish markets, regardless of the fact that it means awakening 4 a.m.

Hiroshima – The A-bomb commemoration poses a potential threat here and as a history buff, how would I be able to not see this city?

Kyoto – The town brimming with temples and Zen gardens looks to be a standout amongst the most pleasant in all of Japan. While I won’t get to see every one of the 2000 during this visit, I’m going to attempt my hardest.

Hokkaido – Just an alternate name I’ve found out about. It expected to be a standout amongst the most wonderful territories in Japan and I like excellent things.

Sake – I cherish sake and need to truly look into the different purities and varieties. I anticipate taking a class. Is a sake class resembling a wine class here in the States?

Zen Buddhism – When I was in university, I got into Buddhism. I mulled over Tibetan Buddhism, however, I’m anticipating adapting all the more about the Zen Style.

Samurais – Because swords and honorable warriors are cool. Samurais may not be around any all the more, however, I wager there’s a gallery for them some place.

Capsule Hotels – Sleeping in a capsule-sized hole? Sounds fascinating.

Sumo wrestling – What could be more amusing than viewing two tremendous gentlemen attempt to push one another out of a loop?(image by: james mayer)

The Dale Guild Travel Blog www.thedaleguild.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Sumo wrestling  Endless Reasons Why I Love Visiting Japan

Cherry Blossoms – I’ll be getting the last part of the cherry bloom celebration and there’s nothing I’m more amped up for.

Affableness – The Japanese are uber well-mannered, conscious, and don’t take what isn’t theirs. I’m going to test that hypothesis out by leaving a wallet on the train and checking whether it comes back to me. Don’t laugh.

Japanese Toilets – A latrine that warms my butt, cleans itself, showers water, and plays music? Setting off to the restroom never sounded so fun.

Japanese Fashion – the Japanese appear to burrow everything retro and 80s and afterward join it with a mix of hipsterism. Japanese design befuddles the hellfire out of me, yet, I can hardly wait to see the Japanese Fashion!

There is a considerable measure I am anticipating doing in Japan and with just around a couple of weeks there, in the event that I plan to tick off everything on this list, I’ll be truly occupied. However, since this will presumably be my just outing to Japan for momentarily, I am okay with that.
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Feature image by :  Cuba Gallery

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