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Best Ways to Carry Money while Travelling

January 18, 2014 |


Losing money on your trip can be very frustrating; this will inconvenience and perhaps shorten your stay. As a traveler, you should be aware you are in a foreign country and you are a stranger to the locals who find it very easy to notice you. This therefore calls for some extra caution in the way you organize your dealings for example you can invest on an inconspicuous day pack or even split your cash or credit cards with your travel partner. As a traveler, you really can’t do without liquid money, not all places you will go accept credit cards, bearing this in mind, you can employ these useful tips to carry money while traveling.

Avoid Placing all Your Money in the Back Pocket

Strangers are so easy to identify. Pickpockets also know that everybody has the tendency to put his money in the back pocket, knowing this, be the exception. Put your money in your front pockets or your shirt pockets, it is difficult for someone to steal you anything from your fronts as you will quickly notice it.

Divide Your Money

Just like you partition your hard disk to caution you against total loss, don’t put all your resources in one basket. Chances are if you lose some money to pickpockets you will still be cautioned. You can divide your money and place it in different pockets including your bag or give it to your travelers partner to carry it for you.

Money Belt

A money belt is not a wallet, take caution and don’t put all your money in the money belt. Avoid drawing money from your money belt during the day, use your handbag or wallet during the day and once you are back to your place of residence, quench your wallet or handbag with more money from the money belt. Money belts actually serve as a body safe (image by ann-dabney).


Craft Your Clothes

A microfiber raincoat will best fit you; you can create zips or sew up some pockets that you have placed good amounts of cash. It will be hard for one to know the clothes you have actually sewed up your money or better still you will get a person before they successfully tamper with the sewed cloth or zipped pockets. You can also custom design your clothes. You can also customize your bags by adding some extra pockets on strategic locations that will be hard to detect or identify.


Avoid creating scenes when you are rifling through your cash, the best way to actually travel with large sums of money is doing it quietly, if you have to count or remove large chunks of money, excuse yourself and go to a private location where you can do your stuff. Carry as little amount of money as you can to ward of hawk eyed pickpockets.

Be More Organized

Organize your cash before leaving your room, if you withdraw money from the bank, don’t just pocket it up, fold and group money of the same denomination together, this will ensure you remove the desired amount of money easily as the front folded surface will be a quick guide on which is the buck you are looking for. No one will be able to count or see how much money you have.

Employ these tips any time you travel irrespective of where you are travelling to.


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