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Best Places To Cruise in Summer

January 2, 2014 |

www.thedaleguild.com The Dale Guild Travel Blog – World Family Travel Tourism Holiday Vacation - Best Places To Cruise in Summer

One of the most popular time for a vacation is probably the summer season. Most of the kids will have holidays and working adults tend to take time off espand also a less hectic work. The weather is always much better and there will be a lot of activities can be done during summer. However, some travel experts do not recommend for cruise travelers to travel in the months of June, July and August due to certain circumstances related to the location, hot weather, tropical storms, etc. Most of the travelers tend to choose Caribbean due to its popularity and affordable packages, and the same thing can be said for Mexican Riviera as well.

If you insist on going for a cruise vacation, we have a few best places to cruise in summer :

Alaska – It runs from May through September, and the busiest months would be July and August. You can easily find a variety of cruises visiting the Inside Passage of Alaska, which is mostly rainforest-covered. This could mean a few things – you will experience rainy moments during the summer weather, but you will still be able to witness the amazing scenery and wonderful wildlife. Both large cruise ships and small expedition ships do offer excellent options of cruise packages in Alaska. (Image by S@ilor)

www.thedaleguild.com The Dale Guild Travel Blog – World Family Travel Tourism Holiday Vacation - Best Places To Cruise in Summer

The Baltic, Northern Europe – Some of the northern Europe capitals like Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo and Stockholm share the same latitude with Anchorage, Alaska. Therefore, you can go for a cruise vacation in this part of the world from May through September as well. Because it is very expensive to stay at hotels and eat onshore, cruise destinations in Northern Europe offer one of the best travel experiences ever. Furthermore, the room and board on a cruise ships usually cost a lot less than the typical onshore hotels and restaurants. This is also because most of the cruise ships use the currency of U.S dollar when onboard. However, most of itineraries in Baltic cruises include major cities instead of enjoying the sceneries of small towns, wildlife and majestic mountains like what you can see in Alaska.

Fjords of Western Norway – It is such a blessing for those who seek to enjoy the same version of Alaskan cruise somewhere in Northern Europe. If you search thoroughly, you’ll be able to find some of cruise lines offering visits to small towns in Western Norway, where the Atlantic Ocean and Arctic Ocean meet. There are also cruise lines that visit Norway’s Svalbard archipelago’s largest island – the Spitsbergen. It is one of the few places in the world that gives you the opportunity of watching polar bear from the comfort of your cruise ship. Even though most of the cruise vacations take place in the months of summer season, however, you can also enjoy a cruise to the fjords of Norwegian during winter season with a Norwegian company, Hurtigruten. This particular company offers to carry the travelers to the western of Norway year-round. (Image by epSos.de)

www.thedaleguild.com The Dale Guild Travel Blog – World Family Travel Tourism Holiday Vacation - Best Places To Cruise in Summer

Cruising can be one of the most memorable experience ever. This is because going on a cruise is a sort of getaway from your busy life and you’ll be able to relax your body and mind while enjoying your vacation. You can easily find a cruise that will suit your personality and needs without sacrificing your interests.


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