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Best Family Hiking Trails in Argentina

January 24, 2014 |


If you are considering to go for an outdoor travel adventure with your family, Argentina should be your next destination. Full of many hiking trails, your family will be excited to explore what Mother Nature has to offer. Hiking is usually practicable on all terrains and does not have any restrictions to do with age or gender. Every degree of difficulty surpassed means you have gradually gained some experience thus you can in-calculate your family members to go for a hiking trail. However you require knowing some physical training as well as safety precautions as hiking can be extremely dangerous.  Here are some of the best hiking trails in Argentina that you can consider to visit with your family.

Puerto Iguazu

With complete natural hiking trails, Iguazu falls is a spectacular place to take your family for hiking. They will be mesmerized by the unique, imposing fresh and inexplicable look of the mighty Iguazu falls. You can also enjoy wading in some of the shallow waters, the pool is quite deep thus be warned and take extra caution. The falls are at times too loud that you can only communicate by shouting to the next person beside you.

Villa de Merlo

A ride away from Merlo downtown, you will get to an astounding picturesque mountainous environment. Villa De Merlo Mountains have a natural architectural charm that you ought to discover with your family. Hiking trails are natural and easily visible, you can request a local to guide you across these awesome ranges as your explore nature at best. At the end, you can have a picnic and let the children play games before you retreat(Image by Huasopedro).



Take your family for a summer vacation in Ushuaia, located at the southern hemisphere, you will enjoy hiking in Gato Curuchet, what fascinates most is the long duration of daylight, it’s an awesome experience.

San Luis

Also called a mine of emotions, you will enjoy trekking in the deep shafts left after excavation of valuable minerals. As a family, you can also play some games in the mines but be cautious as you can get lost. San Luis hiking trails are some of the best trails in Argentina.


Hiking activities in this part of the world are accompanied by fishing, canoeing, sand boarding, rappelling and paragliding. As a family you will have some of the best moments of your life. Hiking in Tinogasta will live you with lifetime memorable moments, after the ascent you can take a balloon as a family and enjoy the airborne feel.  On air you will then enjoy to see all the places you were trekking on all in one view, it just looks awesome. You can also dare hand gliding to the extinct volcanoes (image by Adobe Extremo).



The mountainous landscape of Balcarce presents excellent scenery that’s most ideal for a family. As a family, you can go for bicycle rides, climbing and hiking in the nature trails. At the end of the day, you can choose a good picnic site and enjoy your meals.

Argentina is undoubtedly a must visit as far as out travel is concerned. Remember to carry some poles to support you in needy situations while hiking. You might also consider other places of interests after exploring these sites, every hiking activity is unique and gives you experience as far as hiking is concerned.


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