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Are You Looking For Unusual Hotels?

[ 0 ] January 6, 2014 |

www.thedaleguild.com The Dale Guild Travel Blog – World Family Travel Tourism Holiday Vacation - Are You Looking For Unusual Hotels?

As you travel from a place to another, what are the things that stays on your mind for the longest time? If we could bet on money, we believe that unusual places, cultures or even faces are the things that that will get stuck on your memories for a while. Finding budget-friendly accommodation is not that hard, but if you are the type that care more about how a place is designed and decorated, you might want to consider staying at unique accommodation.

If you are curious about unusual hotels, we will take you with us to discover among the most weird hotels in the world :

Costa Verde – If you desire a scene from the famous TV show, Lost, you’ll want to give Quepos, Costa Rica a visit someday. This is because the team of Costa Verde literally transported a 1965 vintage Boeing 727 and refurbished the aircraft completely in order to create an amazing two-bedroom suite in the coastal rainforest for interested travelers. Costa Verde is a favorite place for wedding receptions, romance and honeymoon couples. The best part about it is that you’ll feel as if you are currently flying and there’s a cabin made of wood built around the aircraft. Guests will also be able to watch monkeys, sloths and toucans from the handcrafted deck on the wing. (Image by

www.thedaleguild.com The Dale Guild Travel Blog – World Family Travel Tourism Holiday Vacation - Are You Looking For Unusual Hotels?

Mira Mira Accommodation – Located around 120km from Melbourne, Mira Mira Accommodation is situated in Gippsland, Australia. It offers three different kinds of retreats for all guests – like the Gaudi-influenced Tanglewood, the Japanese Zen Retreat or the Cave. Each of this fantasy retreat is designed specially to let anyone’s imaginations to run wild and to allow the guests to experience the way of living within pieces of art.

Sala Silvermine – Sala Silvermine, Sweden offers the guests a chance of sleeping in one of the world’s best preserved mines in 155m world’s deepest underground bedroom. Imagine that you’re entering a magical world, you’ll be surprised by the lakes, vast caverns and the dark winding galleries. The corridors are dark, damp and cold but the bedroom is always heated at a comfortable 18C, featuring silver leather chairs and silver candelabra. But if you are afraid of being underground in a dark bedroom, perhaps you can opt for the above-ground hostel.

Magic Mountain – This is probably one of the most well-known unusual accommodation offering enchanting experience to all guests. A conical stone tower hides the hotel rooms safely and the roof offers a waterfall cascades down past the rooms’ windows. The Magic Mountain hotel is located in the southern of Chile, in the Huilo Huilo reservation in the Los Rios region. Originally, it was just a place for the creators and friends to stay at while enjoying fishing and hunting in the reserve before it is opened to all travelers to experience. It is definitely one of the best places to stay at if you are the type that truly enjoy something unusual. (Image by

www.thedaleguild.com The Dale Guild Travel Blog – World Family Travel Tourism Holiday Vacation - Are You Looking For Unusual Hotels?

Weird accommodations that will blow your mind can easily be found across the globe. Whether you are traveling across South America or somewhere in India, you will always be able to feed your unique desire of staying at and sleeping in one of the most unusual hotels in the world. And, we hope you enjoy our list!


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