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All you Need to Know about Carnival Cruises

January 22, 2014 |


Also known as fun ship cruises, carnival cruises are out there to ensure you have the best vacation value. Each cruse has different durations it takes on a trip with most of them ranging from 8 to 3 days. At the cruse, you will enjoy everything that you always wished to do, be it relaxing under the sun, working out at the gym, playing casino, lavish shows and exploring new destination among others. There is also something for everyone irrespective of age. Kids will enjoy the camp carnival while teens can enjoy at club 02(SM) for kids, this is what the vacation has to offer these young brilliant people. With carnival cruises all you await is fun and more fun, they actually operate with twenty one cruising ships that operate along nineteen departure ports and set out to explore Mexico, Caribbean, Hawaii, Alaska, Europe and Canada. What makes carnival cruises the best?

Invariable VIP Treatment

Everywhere you will while onboard the ship, from the comfort of your state room that features modern comfort beds and high class pillows of spa to beauty and health remedies, you will enjoy to be pampered with world class services by the well trained personnel’s.

Incredible Voyage

While on board and with over twenty fun ships to choose from, you will have the chance to visit some of the world’s most gorgeous places, years of experience are what make the carnivals take you to the best of the Caribbean, Hawaii, Alaska and these other destinations we described (image by UAN RAMON RODRIGUEZ SOSA).


Delicious Entrees

Carnivals cruise ship offer you a total choice dining that features a superb cuisine in variety of settings that bring out the reservation mile stones. They not only feature a supper club, main restaurant, casual sea view bistro and great toppings like twenty four hour pizzeria.

Onboard Activities and Entertainment

Belly flop contests, Vegas style revues, napkin folding among other activities all imply that there is enough activity for everyone. You will definitely enjoy some of the best life moments you might never have again.

Kids Programs

Excellent world class entertainment, game rooms, swimming pools and other supervised activities are all what your kids expect. The cruise considers people aged from two to fifteen years as kids and they are entitled to all these and more fun activities.


Carnivals cruises total choice dining gives you ultimate freedom and flexible dining times to choose from. Restaurants on board are not left behind either; they offer variety from New York to sushi delis. You will enjoy meals prepared by some of the world’s best chef; sumptuous meals are all what you anticipate(Image by Dave Wilson).



Guests are bound to enjoy a variety of spa activities to pamper themselves among them the soothing European therapies. Body treatments series from seaweed wraps to conventional full body massage, mudpacks to the most exotic Lonithermie Super-detoxification therapy.


Some cruses feature virtual bicycles tours with diverse routes that include snow covered trails and mountain pathways. Hydrotherapy baths are also featured, they consist of aromatherapy, special oils, sea weed and other ingredients all in one special and personal tub, the ingredients are meant to give you that soothing and rejuvenating sensation.

Carnival cruise ships are quite conducive and commendable, you might consider them if you just want to have a fun filled vacation. The voyage is also recommended for kids so you can carry your kids with you too. Cruises last between 3 to 8 days but there are also some carnival cruises which stay for longer periods. You will definitely enjoy life time fun.


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