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After-Dark Activities in Perth

August 25, 2014 |

After a long day of visiting various great tourist attractions across Perth, we will tend to desire a good relaxing moment to enjoy the life of the city. That is also when after-dark activities come along. Nightlife in Perth can be both happening and unique to first-time visitor. If you are looking for a way to have a good time in Perth after dark, below is a list of bars in Perth where you can easily visit.

The Ellington Jazz Club

Without a doubt, one of the finest Jazz clubs in Australia is none other than the Ellington Jazz Club. It also happens to be a cultural institution in the city center as well. Graham Wood and Bernard Kong are both the owners and founders of this Jazz club with the same vision of creating a New York style of Jazz club in the city. This is the bar in Perth where you get to see artists being treated with high respect and at the same time giving the customers space and time to feel comfortable at ease as they listen to the music being played.(Image by leptitbatteur)

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Etro Bar

If you are looking for one of the newest rooftop bars in Perth, head over to Etro Bar at King Street, nestled between the glamorous shops. It has a very glamorous city-chic space and architecture. Attached on the top of best loved Bistros of Perth and situated just a few steps from the Hay and Murray Street Malls, Etro Bar brags about the panoramic view overlooking into the skyline of Perth City and down onto the King Street. It has Asian-fusion tapas and a great, casual place to enjoy exciting Beers and cocktails.

MINQ Bar and Lounge

For a sophisticated and intimate late-night lounge where you can feel as if you are escaping into another world, go to MINQ Bar and Lounge which is open on Friday and Saturday from 8pm until late night. This bar is exclusive that will entertain you with sensual and hypnotic beats. It is also among the best bars in Perth for you to just relax from all of the busy thoughts you carry with you all day. Also, Linneys Elite Martini is the finest cocktail you can get exclusively at MINQ.(Image by Jared)

The Dale Guild Travel Blog www.thedaleguild.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Bar After Dark Activities in Perth

Mesh Bar

Situated near the Riverside Entrance of the Casino, Mesh Bar is a perfect place for a group of people with the same minds to have an amazing night out. Mesh’s open hours is from 10am until late and it is open every day of the week. This is the modern and funky bar with very friendly and helpful staff that you are looking for. Other activities you can find at Mesh include pre-game get together, pre-dinner and pre-show. It’s definitely a perfect place to sit back and enjoy over wine, cocktail or beer.

Who said Perth is not able to provide locals and tourists alike a great nightlife? You don’t need to come to Perth to just enjoy the wildlife adventure, because you should definitely find a seat in one of the many bars across Perth to enjoy a glass of cocktail as you listen to the best music being performed by the best local artists. This is the nightlife in Perth.


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