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7 Things to Avoid if You Don’t Want to Break Your Vacation Budget

April 26, 2015 |


Going on vacation without making a budget can be a big financial mistake for you. You might find yourself spending excessively and ruining your home budget for months to come. If you plan your vacation wisely, you will spend a fraction of the usual fee on tickets, accommodation and food. Below are some things you should avoid doing if you want to have extra money to enjoy your vacation:

1. Do not fly on the weekend

Tickets cost more over the weekend because this is when most people travel. Buy your travel tickets from Mondays to Wednesdays, which are off-peak travel days as tickets cost lesser on those days.

2. Do not stay in a hotel

Stay in a vacation rental to save money. You might feel inclined to stay in a hotel for safety reasons, but your safety can be assured if you rent from a reputable property management company as opposed to renting directly from the home owner.

Vacation rentals are particularly great when you’re traveling with a group. They have ample space for everyone to have privacy, but are typically extremely cheap when the price is split among a group. Read through reviews of vacation rental companies before you book with them, and you’re sure to have a great experience.

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3. Do not eat out

The cost of eating out for your whole family can be really high. It is cheaper to cook at the vacation rental. Venture out into the market within a day of your arrival in order to shop for food supplies.

If you want to break the monotony of cooking at home, eat out at least once or twice a week.

4. Do not pack excessively

Weigh your entire luggage to ensure none of your family members have more than they need otherwise you will have to pay for any excess luggage at the airport.

Instead of carrying food and other home supplies to use at the vacation rental, make arrangements with the property manager to stock the house with a few items for your first 2 days.

5. Do not travel in high season

Lodging prices in low peak season can go down by as much as 50%. This is also the case with the cost of entertainment, transport and activities.

As tourist traffic is very low, most places lower their prices in order to attract customers. You’ll be able to afford more in the low season.

6. Do not make last minute bookings

You will save money by booking your vacation rental and plane tickets a couple of months in advance.
When you make your plans early, the rental agents are inclined to give you better rates because they know that you are not under pressure and you could simply look elsewhere.

7. Do not spend impulsively on shopping

Before you set off on your vacation, let your kids know they have a set budget for shopping. You can check online for exciting things to buy at your destination. This will prevent you from doing too much window shopping and getting carried away in the process.

Avoid shopping at the airport. Not only will your options be limited, you will also be paying more than the item is worth.

By planning early and avoiding doing the above mentioned things, you will not have any stress about going over budget.

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