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7 Great Ways to Hide Your Big Money While Traveling

August 16, 2012 |


Although they are effective, money belts are not your only options to hide your big money while travelling, there are still other ways you can still employ and ensure your money is safe and sound. Here are some eight great ways you can employ and hide your big money while in transit

1. In socks, shoes or Inner-wear

Some notes slid between your ankle bone and the socks will do you the job despite the fact that it can only be safe for short periods of time and when you are not walking for long distances. Another great option is to put some cash into a small Ziploc bag and slid it in your underwear with conditions that it’s not saggy, loose or holey. Girls can also put some money in their bras, chances are if you are mugged this is the only money you will be left with as most thugs don’t get to your pants or bra.

2. Hidden Pocket Pants

This is a favorite trend among most travelers and it works for good reasons, make sure that your pocke3ts are pretty effective and well hidden. You can customize your clothing or put this factor into consideration while buying other clothes. Remember avoid putting your hidden pocket near an existing pocket as chances are you will be padded and they can feel the savings. Your hidden pockets can be credit card sizes and sewed in odd places like the legs which are quite difficult to infer from (image by marianme).


3. Pants Waist Band

Carefully cut some small slits vertically and on the inside part of a trouser, push smallish roles of notes inside the pant and remember to always remove all your cash before you embark on washing your pants and money.

4. Fake Wallet

Keep most of your money in obscure pockets especially if you have cargo pants with a lot of pockets. Use a fake wallet to put some few dollars, chances are if you are robbed, you can even pretend panic by throwing the fake wallet on the floor and running away, they will pause to check what’s in the wallet and this will give you ample time to vanish from the scene. That’s the purpose of the fake wallet.

5. Split Your Big Money

A famous old proverb says don’t put all your egg in one basket, the same should apply for your money. Keep some money in your back pack, give some to your travel partners, put some in the money belt, and put some in your pants, shoes and socks and some of course in your wallet. Diversifying your money is a good way to carry money as if you lose some money to thugs or just getting lost, you will not have lost everything.

6. Use Pockets that Have Fasteners

Don’t make the work easy for pickpockets, ensure every pocket you place your money has a fastener and if possible a lock, Velcro or a button after it. Stay alert, avoid overtly displaying signs of wealth, this will see you ward off potential pick pockets (image by trouserpants).


7. Neck Strap Pouch

You can carry your money on a neck strap pouch but ensure that the strap has flexible steel wires in it such that it will be difficult for a thief to cut the strap into two and in case they try to snatch you will detect easily as the steel wires wont snap, chances are the thief will just take to his heels.

Be vigilant when you are travelling with money, ensure that while travelling travel in groups, it’s more secure this way. Buy clothes with extra and hidden pockets that can help you carry some money privately. Try as much as you can to conceal your money; don’t expose it no matter the situation.


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