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6 Safety Tips for Female Travelers

March 17, 2012 |


Traveling can be a rewarding, exciting, wonderful time. There are lots of things you have to do in order to plan a safe and enjoyable trip. However, if you’re a woman traveling alone, you need to think even more about how to plan your trip in a way that keeps you safe. Here are some travel tips you can have an enjoyable trip as a single woman alone.

1. Research Your Destination Before You Go

This can be one of the most important things that you do. If you find yourself going to a place where there is a lot of crime, you might want to choose a different destination. Crime happens in every major city, but you don’t want to walk into a terrible area by yourself.

2. Make Sure Your Hotel is in a Safe Neighborhood

You may find glowing reviews and wonderful pictures, but you need to find out whether the place you hope to stay is safe for you, and that you feel safe when you’re there. Have copies and scanned files of your passport and other documents. As any traveler alone, it’s important that you do what you need to do to make sure that the authorities recognize who you are. If you lose your papers, you need to make sure that you have something else to show them(Image by Metropolitan Police).


3. Go to Your Destination with Your Plan and Don’t Deviate too Much From It

Never travel outside of the tourist areas. The only way you should do this is if you are with a family member or friend that is familiar with where you are going. The urge to explore is usually higher when you are traveling abroad, but try to hold it back. While there is nothing wrong with going out and seeing the city, it is not a good idea to stray too far from tourist areas. You never know what type of things you may encounter, so it is a good idea to stay on the safe side.

4. Give Your Family and Friends an Address and Number for Every Place You will be Staying

They will of course worry about you, so it is a good idea to help them worry less by giving them information that will help them reach you. Even better, come up with a plan of communication. Can you call every night? Every other night? This way, everyone will know that you are safe.

5. Don’t Carry a Lot of Fancy Jewelry and Don’t Flash Your Wealth

Use the hotel safe instead of carrying all of your valuables around. While you certainly have a right to wear and look however you want, you need to beware of criminals. A woman alone flashing a lot of money and jewels is an easy mark (Image by matrixshades89@sbcglobal.net).


6. If You Feel Unsafe, Find an Area with Many People

Stay in groups where there are a lot of people, and don’t allow yourself to be taken too far away with any strangers. If you feel that you’re being followed, approach a uniformed police officer or another woman. This will help you to stay safe as you are out and about in the towns.

Some people will try to tell you that a single woman shouldn’t travel alone, but that is utter nonsense. A woman can have a fun, safe vacation as long as she remembers a few pointers of travel safety. Use the travel safety tips in this article to make sure that you have a great time, while looking out for yourself.


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