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6 Great Skydiving Schools in North America

January 26, 2014 |


Skydiving has continued to grow both as a sport and as a profession. This therefore creates the need for one to enrich yourself with skills and knowledge of how you should propagate yourself on air. as a traveler you don’t have to worry, you can enroll in some of these great skydiving schools and come out as a skilled skydiver, you will thus be free to have unlimited skydiving fun for the rest of your life.

Skydive Phoenix Inc

Located in Arizona, the school is out there to assist you and see you take your very first sky diving experience, it nurtures and develops you till you become a professional sky diver. The schools treat its students as a family thus nurtures team building skills that will come in handy when you are on air. Staffs are well trained and include the best civilian and military personnel in the country.

Alabama’s Premier Skydiving Center

Located in Alabama, the school is owned by a parachute regiment ex-military soldier who was once the world skydiving champion medalist. Combined with excellent staff and state of art sky diving facilities and equipments, this school is the best place to be. They have also unparalleled safety records and operate seven days a week; this should prompt you to enroll as you can take your lessons even on Sunday! And public holidays (Image by Nathan).


Sky Dive Tuskegee School

Located in Alabama, the school believes that accelerated free fall is the fastest way for you to start learning how to skydive. The professional staff use some of the best skydiving safety equipments thus you don’t have to worry about your safety, its well taken care off. This highly experienced professional staff are also a factor worth consideration, be sure to graduate from the school as an experienced skydiving person.

Skydive Marana School

Though this great skydiving school is no longer available for public, it remains to be among the best skydiving school in North America. It’s now only available to the military and research programs as well as companies that produce skydiving products. Marana School is thus very important in terms of skydiving as we can call it the success behind most skydiving schools in North America.  The school has its own drop zone and accommodation facility. You can also stay in Tucson which is just fifteen minutes away.

Chicago Land Sky Diving Center

Located in Chicago, the school is among the best skydiving schools in North America, they are well renowned for focusing on the experience rather than just the skydive.  The school stands on a 20000 square foot facility that features a flight grill and deck bar, outstanding reputation, perfect safety records plus a good and serene learning environment.  The school is cost friendly and is among the most affordable skydiving schools on the world(Image by Derrick Robbins).


Georgia Sky Diving Center

Located in Georgia, this tandem skydiving school offers affordable skydiving classes and cheap accommodation for its students. They actually offer United States certified parachute training such that at the end of it all you become a professional skydiver who is recognized by the state. You can book and make reservations online.  The staff are highly trained and well equipped thus you are assured of the best results as far as sky diving is concerned.

Book early as the schools only accommodate specific number of students depending on their capacities. Most schools will give you a recognized parachute certificate that will enable you to practice skydiving in any part of North America.


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