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6 Destinations for Family Travel in South Korea

January 14, 2014 |


South Korea is the place to be, take your family for a vacation they will never forget, here are some of six best destinations you might consider to take them to, during their vacation.

Darangee Village

Located in southern part of West Namhae gun, the small and well preserved village features extraordinary sights of many countless fields on a steep mountain that are cultivated against the slope. Your family will love the spectacular view of the open sea.

Seongsan Sunrise Peak

A world heritage site, Seonsan Sunrise Peak is quite renown for it numerous but rare plant species and its incredible sight of the rising sun. the steep peak on the north west ridge stands at 180 meters and takes approximately 30 minutes to ascend. As a family you will enjoy the spectacular views plus picture worth moments as you try to ascend the pick. Caution should be taken and too young children should not be encouraged to go up the peak (Image by weeling ng).


Gwang-An Bridge

Nothing manmande is more stunning in korea as compared to the futuristic bridges. Famously known as the great diamond bridge, the bridge features a two storey size and connects Haeundae-gu and Suyeong-gu. The bridge is out of bounds for pedestrians but your family will enjoy seeing the spectacular night view from afar. The bridge also offers a scenic view of sandy beaches, mountains and city lights. The lighting system is also something to smile about, it reflects over one hundred thousand colors.

Kyeong-Wha Station, Jinhae

Take you family to enjoy seeing this maginificent part of the world that also needs the brave only, the tow is a small whistle stop bustle that full of tourists and has photo worth view especially in springs. Under the cherry blossom tunnel, you family will loveto se the chery blossoms fall down on the rail tracks and shutter innumerably as the train approaches the station. You can also get to the cherry road near Yeojwo stream to get more photo-ops.

Upo Marsh

Upo marsh lies in 2,314 square kilometers of land and it happens to be korea’s largest inland wetland. Swimming is not recommended. The Upo marsh is home to plants a d animals of different species majority of whom are endangered species. As a fmily you can take your time and walk or bike around this natural swamp as you take quality pictures of the lowly flying migratory birds (Image by Edvenchers).


Jeungdo Salt Farm

This is a highly treasured island that world famous for its soft beaches, clear sea water and salt farms. Its also a historic site as Dynasty song artifacts were found at its seas bottom. Your family will enjoy to see the magical spectacle of huge salt farms and interacting with ud flat leisure towns which allow them to observe marine life. Life in marine life has no hurry and this makes it to be called the slow city.

Take your family to spend their vacation in South Korea, accommodation services are excellent and you will enjoy special family packages that are quite affordable. Your kids will be treated to loads of fun and not to mention of the delicacies of the Taiwan meals. You will definitely fall in love with this place.


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