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6 Amazing Things To Do in Perth

July 30, 2017 |

As a city for travellers to visit, Perth has a lot to offer. It’s ranked as one of Australia’s most-visited cities, and it’s easy to see why. If you choose to take a vacation there yourself, make sure that you try these top six activities before you leave.


One of the best places to start your visit has to be the Kings Park and Botanical Gardens. Here you will find the chance to wander amongst native species of plants and birds, all created in an area of natural bush which takes up three-quarters of the gardens. The rest is international plants, and the view over the local area is also one of the highlights that you will see. There’s a war memorial and shopping centre here too, so set aside at least half a day for exploration.


The Swan River curves around Perth and can’t be ignored as one of the central features of the city. If you want to make the most of your stay, you definitely need to indulge in a river tour. Whether you choose to stay in the area around Perth, or take a day trip up to the Swan Valley wineries, is up to you. Make sure that you get on the water in some way, whether it’s a boat tour or a kayaking lesson. You may be able to book a tour from your hotel reception desk as they go at regular intervals.


Along with the river come the beautiful beaches. There are a large number to choose from, though some are more popular than others. Generally regarded as the best is Cottesloe Beach, though Port Beach comes in a close second. There’s a great café culture in Cottesloe with a backdrop of pines which will make you feel like you’re in a holiday postcard. For families, City Beach, Como Beach, and Point Walter have to be top picks. If you’re into surfing or want to start, there’s usually a surf break to catch at Scarborough Beach and Trigg Point.


The city is a hive for shopping, with lots of options available. Aspect of Kings Park is the place to go for gift shops and local art. Hillary’s Boat Harbour is packed with shops and restaurants for you to try, and lots of family-friendly attractions to keep younger travellers entertained. There are also some malls within the city: there’s the Murry Street Mall and the Hay Street Mall, as well as the Piccadilly Arcade and Galleria Shopping Centre, just to start you off. Perth boasts more than 900 independent and speciality shops, so you will definitely be able to pick up whatever you are looking for.


Swan Valley is known for great wine, with the oldest grapes in Western Australia. Here you can take a day trip to take it all in with wine and dinner included. If you fancy staying in Perth itself, you don’t have to look far to find local wines. You can buy them in shops or sample them in many of the fine dining and family-friendly restaurants that the city boasts. If you’re not a fan of wine, try another locally-made drink to make up for it! There’s a thriving craft beer scene which includes plenty of breweries inside the city limits.

Swan Valley


What are you interested in learning about? There are plenty of options to choose from, and it’s not all dry and boring either. At Perth Zoo you can meet animals from around the world, including indigenous species like kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, and koalas. The Aquarium of Western Australia includes a glass tunnel with dolphins and sharks swimming overhead. The Aviation Heritage Museum has exhibits of more than 30 aircraft and is a fascinating experience for those who have an interest in flying. The Art Gallery of Western Australia and Western Australian Museum offer more opportunities to browse amazing exhibits and learn about the local culture.

No matter what you love to do, or who you travel with, Perth will give you enough excitement to fill a couple of weeks easily. By the time your day of departure comes, you will already be planning your next return to this vibrant Australian city.

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