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6 Amazing Facts About London

March 22, 2014 |

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Experts have it that despite London receiving millions of tourists every year, only a few of them get to know some of the fascinating facts behind the most civilized city in the world. It is said that these facts stand as reasons as to why this city is one of the most culturally vibrant cities in the modern world. Most stunning features in London are raised under factors which will blow your mind of. These facts are responsible for technological advancements in the region hence drawing the attention of many curious travelers who wish to learn more about this modern city. Fortunately, this is the right place to learn and confirm all your doubts. Have a look on one of the most amazing facts about London that will surprise you.

Land marks and Buildings

1. London boosts very unique art of architecture, and in case you once visited this amazing place, get to learn the amazing facts behind these important and useful features that have caught the eyes of many. Bethlehem Royal Hospital is the world’s oldest institution to specialize in mental illness and it’s located in Buckingham.

2. London also boosts of having the oldest music hall built in 1743, Wilton’s Music Hall which is still the country’s music heritage. From modern to old well designed buildings, London has got the world recognition of the world’s most popular museums with the largest urban history museum in the world (Museum of London) being located here. That’s not all about the London structures, it has 4 UNESCO world heritage sites featuring; Tower of London, Maritime Greenwich, and Westminster Palace (includes two structures).(image by Jessamyn F).

The Dale Guild Travel Blog www.thedaleguild.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website -  Maritime Greenwich Amazing Facts About London

History of the People of London

1. London was once a village and due to technological advancements London boosts of a huge population of around seven million people. The people are from different origins with about a quarter of its population inhabitants being members of the ethnic groups.

2. The Londoners were once classified into two main categories; the Pearl Kings and the Chelsea Pensioners. Pearl Kings were the leaders who spend their time collecting charity. There wore clothes with many buttons and rarely wearing bowler hats today. Chelsea Pensioners lived at the Royal Hospital and were recognized by their black hat and scarlet uniform. These are some of the interesting facts that once rose into existence sometimes back.

British Royal Family

1. This has been the most interesting topic always on the lips of every traveler coming to London. It is ruled by a queen who resides in Buckingham. There has not been a Queen of England since 1707. Queen Ann was the last ever King or Queen of England. From 1707, the monarch, although living in England, has been known as either the Monarch of the Kingdom of Great Britain or of the United Kingdom.

2. A new King or Queen begins to rule as soon as their succession to the throne has been announced. But the coronation (placing of the crown on the monarch’s head) may not happen until a given period of time. It is said that the Queen has two birthdays and has nine Royal thrones.(image by Adam Stewart).

The Dale Guild Travel Blog www.thedaleguild.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website -  British Royal Family Amazing Facts About London

These are not the only facts about the amazing city of London, visit this awesome destination and you will learn a handful of fascination facts. And besides, the accommodation in the city is treating its guest very well and booking never been so easy.  For example, you can book hotel Shaftesbury Suites Marble Arch online where many hotels such as this one offer many amenities to satisfy the need of almost every visitor.  So enjoy this amazing city and please provide us with feedback on your experience. Cheers.


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