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5 Ways to Let Go of Your Travel Stuff When Done Traveling in Africa

June 29, 2014 |

Are you done traveling in Africa? Have you visited most of the nations in the continent? Now, are you planning to let go of your travel stuff to the next travelers? Well, there are a few ways on how you can do so without too much of an effort. One of the best ways to let go of your travel gear is by selling them online and you can post classified ads easily. 

Below are five ways to re-sell your travel gears to the next potential buyers:

Sell to other Travelers

Anywhere you go around the world, there are always travelers who are searching for cheap or second-hand stuffs to be used for their next journey. Whether you’ve met the traveler at the hostel or at the coffee shop, try asking him if he would like to purchase one of your travel gear. If you get lucky, he might want to have everything that you can offer to him! Because we all know, buying brand-new items can be quite expensive, this is the chance for both of you to offer and get something at good prices.

Sale in The Local Market

Depending on the society and the business owner, you can try to host a sale in the local market for your travel stuff. If you are not allowed to sell the items directly, try negotiating with the local ladies or men if they can help you promoting your items. Local markets are among the places where most budget travelers would visit and don’t be surprised that even the local traveler would want to buy your stuffs (image by Michele Solmi).

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Post Classified Ads Online

If you don’t like communicating face-to-face or if you don’t have enough sources to do so, posting ads on the classified site can be one of the easiest ways to find a potential buyer. As we already know, selling stuff online is the new trend right now and if you need to let go of your travel stuff when done traveling in Africa, you can try to post classified ads here to hunt for someone who’s willing to buy your stuff.

Sell to Travel Stores Which Deal with Used Gears

Not a highly recommended way to let go of your travel stuff but for you consideration if you need more money. This is because travel stores which deal with used gears tend to put their prices lower than you anticipated. This is because these stores will be re-selling your stuffs again and they need to gain profit from the items either. Unless you really can’t find anyone who wants to buy your stuffs, this will be your last option to re-sell your stuffs (image by Frank Swift).

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Donate to the Needy

Unsure of whether there are travelers who are poor enough to even buy a used travel stuff because if you can’t afford something cheap, then, don’t travel at all. But there are some travelers who experience difficulties while on the road. If you’re the kind of person who often feel sympathetic toward these types of travelers, then you can go ahead and donate your stuffs to the needy.

Africa is one of many affordable destination around the world and once you’re done traveling in Africa, you might not need the stuffs any longer. Therefore, if you are ready to let go some of your precious items, you can always try some of the local markets and stores or even post classified ads to local online sites.


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