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5 Travel Tips for India First-Timers

January 19, 2013 |


India is classified as among the most diversified countries of the world that have two brackets of people, the highly refined rich people as well as uneducated villagers. As a tourist there is a high probability you will face a society that’s two poles apart. As a first time traveler you therefore need to observe some safety precautions for you to ensure you have an enjoyable and peaceable stay. Here are some travel tips you might want to consider before you embark on your journey

Taxi Safety Tips

Most international flights get to India at the early hours of the morning or at night. Being a first timer, getting to your hotel when it’s still in the dark is something you ought to avoid as best as you can. This being the case, we recommend you call the hotel management where you have booked for your reservation and let them make arrangements for a cab to pick you from the airport. You can also consider taking the pre paid taxis to deliver you. Private cabs should be avoided at all costs (image by goremirebob).


Hotel Safety tips

Always reserve your rooms before you go for the visit; the best hotels are mostly in New Delhi. If your hotel or the places you are travelling to don’t offer reservation via online or pre-booked reservation ensure that you first see the room before you actually pay for it. Many foreigners have been scammed after paying for the room only to realize there are no such facilities. Seeing the room first also ensures you are given a nice room, feel free to decline paying and check with another hotel.

Local Transportation

Don’t hesitate to travel in New Delhi’s metro trains, they offer good world class services. You can also hire strictly prepaid taxis to go for auto rickshaws or just exploring the city. We prefer prepaid taxis as they are the safest. You can also check in with well established taxi companies but be cautious, get user reviews and ratings and infer a wise suggestion from there.

Tips for Tour Packages

Though there are no shortages of operators who can help you explore the city is very important to go through the credentials before you accent your signature and pay for the services. Important still, see whether your guide is able to converse in English and the time schedule, this will also show you the amount of time the operator has dedicated on each site (image by Prasad Kholkute).



Never accept any kind of food or drinks from a stranger, even your guide. Avoid displaying your classy possessions to the public; these are items like tablets and laptops. Try your best and reserve your room in time and on the best New Delhi hotel that you can afford. Avoid road food and drinking tap water; don’t take road ice creams or any fruit that’s unpeeled. Road meat is no exception. If lost ask direction from a policeman or a taxi driver, they will never misguide you.

You may consider other tips that you might have heard off but remember to be generally careful. With these tips, you are well equipped and ready to walk in New Delhi’s streets.


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