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5 Things We Learnt in Japan!

February 25, 2015 |


Japan is by all accounts a pretty wonderful place. Even if you haven’t had the fortune of visiting the country, tales of beautiful architecture, heart-warming local customs, ridiculously over the top television and vending machines that literally vend everything imaginable will be at the forefront of your mind. Travel is, of course, about learning, discovering and experiencing magical and exotic places, and you’re always bound to find out something new during your journeys, no more so than in Japan! So what did we learn whilst exploring the nation? 


#1 How to Multiply 

We’re not making a sly attack on the state of our country’s educational system, but Japanese kids really have it made when it comes to sneaky ways of learning info, multiplication being the most intriguing. The Japanese method of multiplication only requires one to draw parallel lines and count dots; it’s really interesting, and very easy- check it out!


#2 Horse Racing is Very Popular 

Japanese people spend more money on horse race betting than any other country in the world! That might come as a surprise to readers who are partial to a little horse wagering via home-grown bookmakers such as Coral where horse racing is big business, but it’s true! With sixteen tracks nationwide, Japanese racing lovers are crazy for the sport- definitely watch a race if you visit (image by Tomokatsu Yukishita).

Horse Racing Japan

#3 Ramen Rules 

This tasty, noodle-laced broth is a student staple worldwide, but no dried packet of store-bought ramen can truly compare with the authentic Japanese version! Liberal helpings of seafood and perfectly seasoned noodles make for a mouth-watering dish.


#4 Regular Cities are Tiny 

Compared to Tokyo. The capital of Japan is a seemingly endless metropolis that rolls on and on, over the horizon and in to the beyond. It can seem rather staggering, especially for small town folk, but you’ve just got to bear in mind that every square inch of the city is packed with electrifying experiences! (image by Francis Tan).

small cities Japan

#5 Earthquakes Don’t Signal the Apocalypse 

We ‘withstood’ a fair few minor tremors during our time in Japan and, for a person who lives in the geological equivalent of a backwater town, the first few were pretty nerve-racking. After the initial jitters (try experiencing an earthquake whilst on the twentieth floor of a high rise…) and a few late night wake-ups however, the occasional shakes and quakes began to feel pretty entertaining, fun, even!


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Feature image by  Spreng Ben

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